Legal services in Japan

Starting a business in Japan

Business Licenses

Some business may require obtaining a license in order to provide business in accordance with the Japanese Law

Business incorporation

We help foreigners planning to set up their own company, association or a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) in Japan

Corporate Income Tax in Japan

Incorporated companies and associations, operating on the local market will be subject to the Japanese corporate tax

Legal services & Taxes

Visa and Residence

We help foreigners obtain Japanese visas for business managers, interns, dependents, as well as Humanities/International services visas

Legal documents

We prepare all kinds of legal documents (eg. wills), and can handle the notarization procedure of loan agreements for foreigners

Personal Taxes in Japan

We provide legal consulting related to all types of personal taxes: Income Tax, Residential Taxes, Gift and Inheritance Taxes etc

Real Estate in Japan

Real estate consulting

We offer consulting services to all foreigners planning on acquiring property in Japan, including investment consulting

Hotels and Airbnb

We help foreigners planning to open a hotel or providing Airbnb services in Japan, including obtaining the necessary licences

Real estate taxes

Having purchased or owning real estate in Japan means that foreigners will be subject to real estate taxes. We advise on all the legal issues

Why choose us

Tomohiko Akiyama

Welcome. My name is Tomohiko Akiyama and I have been working as a Japanese Shiho-Shoshi lawyer for over 20 years. I consulted many foreigners and helped them deal with the Japanese authorities. 

Japanese Law can be quite strict, but we always work hard, so that we can achieve the best result possible for our clients. We can act as your Business Partner or Temporary Employee.

Our strong points


We have been working with foreigners for over 20 years. Facing many challenges helped us become experts in our field.

We speak your language

Dealing with the state authorities can be quite difficult if you do not speak Japanese. There is no language barrier with us.


In the past 20 years, we have helped many foreigners set up their business in Japan or acquire the property they wanted.

From the first email contact, I had a good feeling from Akiyama san. He helped me bid on land auctions. And also shared important insight into what issues and potential risks the land has. Without him, I would have been more blind in every step. Problem solver. If you want to actually get things done, Akiyama san is the man. Thanks man.
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Bruce M.

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