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Car Auction of Japan

How to participate in Car Auction in Japan

Basically if you hope to participate in Car Auction in Japan, you need to have Second hand goods dealer license for one year or more and need to prepare a guarantor, physical office space, shop space in Japan and  I know it should be difficult.

So I would like to show you an option.

In the case of this company, you can participate in Internet car auction without a guarantor, physical office space, shop space in Japan.
(But when you apply for Second hand goods dealer license, you need to prepare office space. But depending on situation, you can use your residence in Japan) 

If you can become a member of this company, you can access to information of 5 million vehicles every year.

The number of members are 14,000.

The number of auction place is 112 where you can participate via internet.

Amount of monthly membership fee for this company : 6800 yen.

Fee for this company when you have purchased a car : 18500 yen or more

Fee to participate in auction 300 yen (per a vehicle)

Fee to participate in real time auction 1500 yen (for one week)

Necessary documents to participate in this internet car auction in Japan

1 Application paper

2 Certificate of Second hand goods dealer license 
(Even if it is newly issued, it is available)

3 Company registration certificate

4 Company’s seal certificate

5 Personal seal certificate of representative director of your company

6  Foreigner’s resident card etc.

In the case you apply for this membership, you need to meet with a person of this company.

And this company also assist you to import and export vehicles.

If you have purchased a vehicle through their service, you need to pay money within 7 days after purchase.

You can not visit physical auction place.

But you can request them to watch the vehicle on the site.

And if you need any assist to become member of this company, you can contact me.


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