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Necessary equipment of food business in Japan

Rrestaurant business permit in Japan.

Please refer to this sample.

Standards to be filled by your restaurant.
( In the case of Tokyo prefecture )

As for room area.

Your restaurant should have suitable floor area.
There is not specific limitation. But, if the floor area is too small to operate restaurant business properly, you can not obtain restaurant business permit.

As for material of floor

Material of floor should be made by tile, concrete etc that has water resistance.

And it should be well drained, easy to clean.

So, you can not use wooden floor.

But, this items is pertaining to kitchen.
So, you may be able to use wooden floor in room for customers.

As for inner wall.

The inner wall should be covered by material of waterproof ( at least 1 meter from floor ) and easy to clean.

As for partition.

You need to divide each section ( Kitchen, area for customers ) by wall, board etc.

( If the number of customers are small, you do not need to satisfy this standard )

As for brightness.

The brightness should be more than 50 lux
( As for space of employee ).
If the brightness of kitchen is not enough, you can not take care of sanitation properly.

As for ventilation.

You need to equip with fan.

This fan should be equipped with shutter

You need to prepare fan for customer space and employee space separately.

You need to take necessary measures to prevent mouse, insect.

You need to prepare screen door ( amido ), shutter at fan, wire mesh to prevent from mouse, insect.

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As for dressing room

You need to prepare dressing room outside of kitchen.
It may be sufficient with box to put your clothes.
You should not change your clothes in the kitchen.

As for equipment to preserve material, food, dish sanitary.

You need to prepare these equipment according to the number of customers.
So, you need to prepare cupboard.

You need to equip thermometer, pressure gauge with refrigerator, sterilizer at its suitable place.

You need to equip facility for supplying water and hot water to clean and sterilize.
Your facility need to supply hot water of over 70 ℃.


You need to prepare cleaning equipments of two or more.

As for lavatory

You need to prepare lavatory where it will not conflict sanitation of kitchen.
And the lavatory should be equipped with necessary equipment to prevent mouse and insect.
And you need to prepare exclusive sink and sterilizer for lavatory.

So, the distance between kitchen and lavatory should not be close for each other.

And you need to prepare liquid soap for this sink.

And you need to prepare lavatory that your customer can use.

As for Sink ( Tearai )

You need to prepare sink and sterilizer exclusive for employee.

So, in the case of Tokyo prefecture, you need to prepare at least one sink exclusive for employee other than sink in lavatory.

According to area, you need to prepare at least three sinks.

One is in the lavatory, one is exclusive for employee, one is for customers.

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