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Ninka gai Hoikuen in Japan

Basically, there are two kind of nursery school ( Hoiku en ) in Japan.

You can establish authorized nursery school ( Ninka hoiku en ) and unauthorized nursery school ( Ninka gai hoiku en = muninka hoiku en ).

Authorized nursery school is established in accordance with the child welfare act and it satisfies specific standard.

For example, area of facility, the license of workers, the number of workers, facility to make meals, sanitation and authorized by governor.

( Even if you do not obtain authorization of government, your facility needs to satisfy several standards.
It includes floor area of facility, the number of workers, the license of workers,  sanitary facility etc. )


In the case of authorized nursery school, Japanese government support necessary expense to operate the facility, thus, authorized nursery school expense will be affordable.

( It differs depending on the amount of taxable income of parents.  From 0 yen to 30,000 yen per a month ).

When parents ( guardian ) want to leave their child with authorized nursery school, they need to make application at city hall where parents reside.

And if parents can look after their child by themselves ( they are not working etc )、they cannot leave their child with authorized nursery school.

On the other hand, in the case a facility does not satisfy specific standard stipulated by government, or even if it satisfies standards stipulated by government, but because of reason of government side ( Japanese government do not authorize surplus facility, though the number of authorized nursery school is not enough at all…. The number of children who is waiting for entrance into authorized nursery school is over 20,000.  They are called “Taiki jido” = children on waiting list. Because, Japanese government do not want to pay a lot of money to sustain authorized nursery school.  ),  if it is not authorized by government, it is ” unauthorized nursery school ( muninka hoiku en = muninka hoikujo = 無認可保育所 )”.

When parents ( guardian ) want to leave their child with ” unauthorized nursery school”, they need to make application at the facility. Nursery expense is determined by the facility, so it will be higher than authorized nursery school. 
Even if parents can look after their child by themselves, they can leave their child with the facility.

And operation of some unauthorized nursery schools are sufficient from the viewpoint of serving customers first. Some unauthorized nursery schools look after children even for 24 hours. This is called ” baby hotel  “.

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