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Second-hand Goods Dealer License in Japan

Second-hand Goods Dealer License in Japan

How to obtain Second-hand Goods Dealer License in Japan

In the case you deal, purchase, sale Second-hand Goods (Kobutsu=古物), you need to obtain license in Japan.

Because some persons try to steal something from other persons and sell it to Second-hand Goods dealer shop.

So if you purchase a vehicle from car auction in Japan, you still need to obtain Second-hand Goods dealer.

This license is called “Kobutsusho kyoka”.  

Second-hand Goods dealer needs to make a record of seller of such goods and prevent from theft.

That is why, you can apply for Second-hand Goods dealer license to police department.

Necessary documents to apply for Second-hand Goods dealer license in Japan

1 Application paper

2 Lease contract paper of office space.
(You can use your residence as your office space. But you need to receive permit from landlord. If you can not acquire it by yourself, you can contact me.)

3 Written oath
(You need to declare that you will operate your business abide by law)

4 Lease contract paper of parking lot

(Depending on situation, it is not necessary. If you purchase a car at car auction site and send it to port directly, you will not use parking lot. In that case you do not need to prepare parking lot to acquire the license. )

5 Certificate of residence

6 Certificate that you are qualified person to operate this business (Mibun shomeisho issued by city hall)

7 Resume (past for 5 years)

When you apply for this license, government fee of 19,000 yen is necessary.

Even if it is rejected, this money is not returned to you.

Once you can acquire Kobutsu License, you will be able to participate in this car auction by your name.