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How to start a public bath house in Japan

How to start public bath house ( sento = 銭湯 ) in Japan

There are two kinds of Koshu yokujo = 公衆浴場 = public bath house. . . One is Futsu koshu yokujo = 普通公衆浴場 = ordinary public bath house. . . Another is Tokushu koshu yokujo = 特殊公衆浴場 = Special public bath house. . Ordinary bathhouse is called ” 銭湯 = sento “. . . In the case of Ordinary bathhouse, the maximum amount of entrance fee is regulated by authority. . In the case of special public bathhouse, “” super sento “, ” health center “, kenko land “, bathroom in golf center, sauna are included in this category. . . In order to operate you need to obtain permit from public health center ( Hokenjo ) that has jurisdiction over location of your public bath house. . . Necessary standards are stipulated in public bath house law and relevant regulation. . . You can not establish ordinary public bathhouse where there is a already other ordinary public bathhouse within 300 meters. . .

However, in the case your facility falls under either of below, you may be able to obtain permit

1 Your facility utilizes onsen or

2  Facility, structure of your public bathhouse is greatly different from existing public bathhouse or . . 3  Governor has permitted according to change of other situation. . . In order to start ordinary public bathhouse and special public bathhouse, your facility needs to install necessary equipments. . . For example, shoe closet, room area of dressing room, material of floor, room area of bathroom, the number of shower, ventilation system. . . These standards are different depending on location. . Consultation with local public health center is necessary. . Government fee for public health center is about 22,000 yen. . After application for permit, it will take at least one month to obtain permit from public health center. . . And in order to start public bath house, you need to obtain permit from local fire department. . Your facility needs to equip with necessary fire prevention facilities. . . . So, depending on situation of your building, you need to pay a lot of money to install necessary equipment. ( Source of this picture is )

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