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Vehicle Dismantler License of Japan

In order to take away Car parts, License is necessary

In the case you receive or purchase used car and take parts out of the car, you need to obtain Vehicle Dismantler License (Kaitai Gyo)of Japan.

Otherwise, some persons may take out necessary car parts and throw away unnecessary parts in the mountain.

You need to have knowledge relating to chlorofluorocarbon, airbag, waste oil to prevent environmental pollution.

So government of Japan supervises Vehicle Dismantlers.

When you receive valueless car, you also need to register as Vehicle Receiver Business (自動車引取業業).

When you purchase a second-hand car, you also need to obtain second-hand goods dealer permit).

If you operate Vehicle Dismantler business without permit, you will be sentenced of one year prison or fine of 500,000 yen.

Necessary cost and period

In the case you operate Vehicle Dismantler business, your business may cause stench or noise to neighborhood.

So you will prepare factory space in Industrial zone.

You cannot obtain permit in residential area.

In order to obtain this permit, you need to negotiate with local government in advance.

Your facility needs to have sufficient equipment and you also need to have necessary knowledge.

Once you have negotiated with local government, you can start construction work to make your factory.

Amount of Government fee is about 80,000 yen.

After you have submitted necessary documents to government, officers will come to your factory to inspect the situation.

It will take three months to obtain the permit after application.

Necessary documents (it differs depending on each local government)

1) Real estate register book of your factory, land

2) Neighboring map

3) Drawing map of your office

4) Material relating to Explanatory meeting.
(You need to hold Explanatory meeting for neighboring persons)

5) Lease contract paper of your facility

6) Business plan

7) Articles of incorporation of your company

8) Certificate of residence of all directors

Necessary facility

You will dismantle vehicles on your factory that should be surrounded by high fence.

Ground should be covered by steal plate etc.

You need to take necessary measure to prevent leak of wasted oil etc.

So you can not start this business without enough preparation.