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How to change representative director in Japan

How to change representative director of your company

Here, I will explain how to change representative director in Japan.
Name and domicile is registered in commercial registry.
So, when her name or domicile is changed, the company needs to file registering of change of her name or domicile to legal affairs bureau within 2 weeks.
Necessary cost to file this registration.
Assumed her company’s registered capital amount is 10 million yen. tax 10,000 yen.
Fee for judicial scrivener is below 50,000 yen, if she has already prepared necessary documents.

Necessary documents to change representative director.

1 Application paper to file registering of change of representative director.
2  Minutes that proves her company elected new representative director ( former representative director affixes registered seal of company. ).
3   A written document evidencing the acceptance of office by new representative director ( new representative director affixes his/her registered personal seal on this document )
4 certificate of new representative director’s personal registered seal.
5 paper to register new seal of company
6  resignation letter of current representative director.
7  power of attorney to empower judicial scrivener.

As for 3. when next representative director does not domicile in Japan, he/she can not acquire certificate of registered personal seal. In that case, she/he can use certificate of signature that is issued from her/his home country.

As for 2, 3, 6, 7, even if these are written in foreign language, it is available.

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