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Trade name, objectives to make KK Company in Japan

Making a stock company in Japan and matters to be determined

In order to set up Stock Company in Japan, she (incorporator of Stock company ) needs to determine several items.

Trade name 

Easy to remember and short trade name will be suitable. And she can use alphabet etc.

But in the case, Japanese national look at her trade name, if he knows pronounce without trouble, it will be better. 

If the name of her company is “Perugia corporation”, I can not know how to pronounce it.

Available letter of company name in Japan

Sample of purposes of company.

(1) Manufacture and sale of electronic and electrical machines and equipment;
(2) Real estate activities, construction business, transportation business and warehousing business;
(3) All businesses which are incidental to or related to those mentioned in the preceding items.

If she wants to start money lending business in Japan, she needs to obtain permit from Japanese government.

However, she can register her business without permit.

Necessary capital to make a company in Japan

She needs to determine the amount of capital amount ( shihon kin = 資本金 ).

She can incorporate a joint stock company with stated capital amount of one yen.

However, it will not good to open bank account of her company. If employee of bank looks at commercial registry of her company, he will think her company does not have any fund, substance to operate her business.

So, stated capital amount should be more than amount that can cover necessary expenses for the time being.

( In the case, she is a foreign national, she can incorporate a joint stock company without contribution from Japanese national and residents in Japan. )

When registration procedure is completed, she can withdraw money from her bank account.
( Of course, the money is not hers, but her company has ownership on it. )

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