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Outline of making Stock Company in Japan

Outline of setting up a joint stock company ( KK company, Kabushiki kaisha = Kabushiki gaisha ) in Japan.

Assumed that a person makes joint stock company in Japan, she needs to conduct matters below.

1 She needs to find office space to operate her business.

If she has residence in Japan, she can register it as address of head office of her company.

When she uses address of her residence as head office, she does not need to provide lease contract of her apartment to file registration of incorporation of KK company.

( It is better for her to obtain permit from her landlord, though. Because tax office will send some papers to address of the company )

If she does not have any address in Japan, she may ask her friend to borrow his address as long as she has intention to use his apartment as head office.

Or she may make contract with a company who can provide ” virtual office “.

It will cost at least 5,000 yen per a month.

In the case of “virtual office “, she can just rent address but cannot borrow exclusive independent area. ( According to virtual office company, she can rent such space. )

Some virtual office companies provide common use space.

And in the case of virtual office, her company can not open bank account.

Because, she can not receive mail from bank there .

In the case she orders me, I will make contract with virtual office provider company.

2   She needs to determine the trade name ( For example, SONY corporation ), purpose of her company, the amount of stated capital amount of her company etc.

These items are required to make articles of incorporation (Teikan).

3  She needs to make corporation seal.

If she searches for seal shop via internet, she can find it.

Then, she can order him to make corporation seal.
It will cost at least 3000 yen.

If she orders me, I can order seal shop on her behalf.

4  She needs to make draft of articles of incorporation ( Teikan = 定款 ).

Actually, I will make it on her behalf. I just ask her some question to collect necessary information.

5 She ( Incorporator = investor = shusshi sha . Not a representative director. ) goes to notary public office ( こうしょうにんやくば ) and have notary public notarize articles of incorporation ( Teikan = 定款 ).

If she orders me, I will go there as proxy.

6  She needs to contribute capital amount to bank account of incorporator.

So, incorporator needs to have bank account in Japan.

In the case, incorporator does not have status of residence in Japan, she cannot open bank account in Japan.

In the case, incorporator cannot open account in Japan, she needs to take other alternative, for example “contributions in kind = genbutsu shusshi”.

Or she can use my bank account temporarily.

7  She needs to prepare several documents necessary.

Agreement paper that indicates election of directors and representative directors and so on.

( I can make in on her behalf. She just needs to put her seal on the paper. )

8  I will file registration of incorporating a joint stock  company with regional legal affairs bureau ( Homukyoku = Tokijo  ).

9  It will take one or two weeks to complete registration process after legal affairs bureau receive application papers.

10 After completion of registration process, I will acquire certified copy of commercial registry ( Touhon ).

11  If she wants to open bank account of her company, she submits this certified copy of commercial registry to bank.

12 She needs to submit tax office a report of establishment of her company by due date.

If she does not submit necessary documents by due date, there are some disadvantages.

Representation of address of company in Japan

Assumed that you incorporate a company or change address of company in Japan.

Address of your company is Tokyo, Ginza, 1-1, Ginza Tower 1 201.

201 is Room number.

In the case of Commercial registration, space can not be used in address of company.

So address can be Tokyo,Ginza,1-1,GinzaTower1201.

So other person can not know correct room number.

In that case, you will register as .Tokyo,Ginza,1-1,Ginza・Tower1・201.

Or Tokyo,Ginza,1-1,Ginza,Tower1,201.

Or Tokyo,Ginza,1-1,GinzaTower1・201.

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