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Birth of a Child and Necessary Process in Japan

👶Birth of a Child and Necessary Process in Japan

A child (Nancy) was born to an American (man) and an Indian (woman) living in Japan.

The American and the Indian are not married.

Under Japanese law, a procedure called acknowledgment (認知)is required to create a paternity relationship between the father and Nancy.

However, in this case, the father is an American.

In Japan, there is a law called the Act on General Rules for Application of Laws(法の適用に関する通則法).
There, the following provisions are stipulated.

(Establishment of parent-child relationship of a child born out of wedlock)

The parent-child relationship with the father shall be governed by the laws of the father’s country at the time of the child’s birth.

So, in this case, the laws of the United States apply.

🌸In addition, the following process is necessary after Nancy’s birth in Japan.

🐤1 You submit the birth certificate to the ward office in Japan. By doing so, Nancy’s information will be registered at the ward office. You can obtain Nancy’s certificate of residence (住民票)and insurance card(健康保険証).
(within 14 days of the birth)

You then receive the certificate of acceptance of the birth notification (出生届)and the certificate of residence(住民票).

You will also obtain your taxation certificate and tax payment certificate(課税証明書と納税証明書).

You obtain a certificate of employment from your employer (proof that you are indeed employed by your employer).

🌻2 You will apply for registration at the embassy of the country from which Nancy is to be obtained (e.g., the U.S. Embassy in Japan). Otherwise, Nancy will not be able to obtain a passport.

⛄3 You apply to the immigration office to obtain a status of residence for Nancy (within 30 days of her birth).

She will be able to obtain status of residence of dependent.

Bring the certificate of acceptance of birth notification, the certificate of residence and Nancy’s passport.

Nancy’s photo identification is not required.

Also bring your taxation and tax payment certificates, a reference letter(身元保証書), your residence card (在留カード)and passport.

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