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Fire alarm, Zoning, Change of objective of building in Japan

Law relating to Zoning

When you manage hotel in Japan, you need to know a lot of legislation.

As for zoning ( Youto chiiki = 用途地域)

You can not operate hotel business in following zone.

category 1 exclusive, low building residential zone
category 2 exclusive, low building  residential zone第二種低層住居専用地域
category 1 exclusive high and medium building residential zone第一種中高層住居専用地域
category 2 exclusive high and medium building residential zone第二種中高層住居専用地域
category 1 residential zone
( In the case, total room area is more than 3000 ㎡  )
industrial district、exclusive industrial district
工業地域, 工業専用地域

Change of registered purpose of building

In the case, your facility falls under either of conditions below, you need to submit change of intended usage ( Youto henkou  ).

This is stipulated in building standard law.

You are going to operate hotel, ryokan.

Total area of building is more than 200 ㎡

Area of corridor, bathroom, toilet, lobby is included in this 200 ㎡ .
( Hereinafter referred to ” total room area ” )

Your facility needs to equip with necessary ventilation unit.
ventilation unit means ” window “etc.

Area of building opening should be more than 1/20 of total room area.
In the case, total room area is 100 ㎡ , area of window should be 5 ㎡ .

As for slope.

A: 75 cm or more
B : 21 cm or more
C : 22 cm or more
In the case height of slope is 1 meter or more, you need to equip with handrail.

Law relating to fire prevention law 

You need to equip with fire wall.

These are stipulated in building standard act.

Your facility needs to equip with necessary facilities.

It is stipulated in fire prevention act ( 消防法 ) and its relevant acts.

Standards to be fulfilled by your real estate differs depending on scale of your facility.

For example.

 Firefighting EquipmentScale of facility
fire extinguish
fire extinguishertotal room area : 150m² or more
indoor fire hydranttotal room area : 700m² or more
sprinklertotal room area : 6,000m² or more
out door fire hydranttotal room area : 3,000m² or more
warning apparatusLEAKAGE FIRE ALARMtotal room area : 150m²  or more
automatic fire alarmall facilities
fire alarm that notifies fire departmenttotal room area : 500m²  or more
emergency alarm equipment,unitthe number of capacity is 20 or more.
EVACUATION EQUIPMENTEVACUATION implementthe number of capacity on 2nd and above floor is 30.
guide light ( 誘導灯 )all facilities

In order to obtain hotel business permit,  you need to submit your facility with local fire department and need to obtain certificate that certify your facility fulfill necessary standards to prevent fire disaster.

This certificate is named ” Shoubou hourei tekigou shoumei sho “.

However, in the case of Tokyo prefecture, fire department does not issue this document.

So, in the case your facility is located in Tokyo, before you submit necessary documents to public health care center ( Hoken jo ), you need to confirm with local fire department whether your facility satisfies with necessary fire prevention equipment or not.

In order to make this confirmation with local fire department,  you can make application for notification of commencement of usage of property that is subject to fire prevention measures  = bouka taishoubutsu shiyou kaishi todoke防火対象物使用開始届).

( Of course, if you order me, I can confirm with local fire department on behalf of you. )

Fire prevention management

Necessary fire fighting equipment differs depending on capacity of your facility.

You need to calculate capacity as below.

As for employeestotal number of employees
The number of guest room ( kyaku shitsu ) western style room : the number of bed.
( In the case of double bed, it means 2 persons. )
 Japanese style room : one person per 6.0 ㎡
( In the case of budget hotel, one person per a 3.0 ㎡  )
Meeting room, restaurantThe number of fixed chair.
Other case : one person per a 3.0 ㎡
For instance
Your hotel has 2 employees.
There are two western style guest rooms.
There is a bed for each room.
There are one Japanese style guest room.
Room area is 12 ㎡ .
As for restaurant : 12 ㎡
( there is not fixed chair. )
As for lobby : 6 ㎡

Capacity is 2 + 2 + 2 + 4 + 2 = 12 persons.

In the case, the number of employee and guest is 30 or more, you need to conduct duties below.

appointment of  fire prevention manager ( Bouka kanrisha ).
Only a person who took seminar can assume as fire prevention manager.
Fire prevention manager should be a person in a supervisory or a managerial position.
Fire prevention manager needs to make fire fighting plan ( shoubou keikaku = 消防計画).
fire fighting drill ( bouka kunren )
You need to ask registered fire prevention equipment inspector to inspect your facility at least once a year and submit report to local fire department.
In the case there are two facilities ( A and B ) on one site, you need to prepare fire fighting installation for each facility.
😎 There are many articles in fire prevention act.
This law stipulates necessary facility to be equipped with your facility.

If you serve meals in your hotel, you need to take necessary procedure relating to food sanitation.

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