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Inspection conducted by Authority and hotel Business in Japan

Hotel Business in Japan and Inspection conducted by Authority

When you are operating hotel business in Japan, investigator from authority will visit your facility to confirm status of your operation.

So, you need to keep your facility clean.

When you operate your hotel, you need to keep hotel register (  Shukuhakusha meibo ).

So, your guests need to fill in their name and address, occupation, sex, place of her last stay, destination, date of arrival, date of departure, room number, nationality, number of passport,  in the hotel register.

In the case a guest is non resident of Japan, you need to take scanned copy of his passport.

You need to prepare register of your employees.

And your employees need to following items.

full name
content of work
date of assumption

You also need to prepare following person and items.

director ( responsible person ) of each hotel.
You need to show room charge where your guest can find easily
You need to put number place for each room
You need to put plate that clarifies capacity of each rooms
You need to prepare clean quilt cover and pillow cover and sheets  of futon and exchange them for each guest.

In the case situation of your operation is violating of standard necessary, they can order you to improve it or revoke authorization, or prohibit from operating your business.

Information of Automatic fire alarm, Zoning, change of objectives of building and hotel business

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