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Hotel Inn Business and Ordinace (Taito ward)

Existence of stricter ordinance

In the case you operate Hotel Inn business, Budget Hotel Business or Airbnb business in Japan, you need to follow Hotel Business Law.

(Excluding you register your business based on New Minpaku Law. However even if you register your business pursuant to New Minpaku Law, you still need to follow other ordinance)

However depending on prefecture, city, ward, there are stricter ordinances.

In the case you plan to obtain Hotel Inn business license, you need to follow Hotel Inn business law and Ordinance stipulated by ward, city, prefecture.

For example in the case of Taito Ward, Tokyo

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In the case you obtain hotel business license, you need to follow not only Hotel Business law, but also enforcement order stipulated by Taito ward.

This ordinance is applicable even after enforcement of New Hotel Business Law(date of enforcement is 15th,June 2018)

In the case you obtain Hotel License (hotel inn business license, lodge business license), you need to notify neighboring schools.

If there are schools (excluding university), library, public park in your neighborhood, you need to hear its opinion.

Room area for one guest should be 3 square meters or more

However in the case of budget hotel (簡易宿所営業), it should be 1.5 ㎡.

You need to wash bathtub every day.

In order to manage sanitation of your hotel, you need to appoint an administrator.

You need to put plate that clarifies room charge at front desk and each guest room.

You or your employee need to stay in your hotel every time.
(So, in the case of one unit of apartment, you may be able to obtain this license. Because you will not stay with your guest in same room)

You need to prepare front desk, lobby, cafeteria.

You need to prepare restroom at each floor.

If there is a room without restroom (lavatory), you need to prepare shared restroom for male and female each.

Assumed that you operate budget hotel. One of guest may be male and another may be female and guest will share restroom. So, the number of restroom should be two or more.

In the case you use office building or detached house as budget hotel, there may be only one restroom. In that case you need to prepare another restroom.
(construction is necessary)

In the case of lodge business (budget hotel), if you prepare exclusive use guest room (Koshitsu), room area of such room should be less than 50% of total room area of your budget hotel.

Even in the case of lodge business, you still need to prepare front desk (notwithstanding enforcement of new Hotel Business law).

Unfortunately some other ward has adopted such ordinance.

You can start lodge business without kitchen.

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