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Hotel license in Japan ( large hotel )

Necessary documents to obtain Hotel Innlicense in Japan

1  Application paper for hotel permit.
( In this paper, you clarify situation of your facility. )

2   Scanned copy of Kensa zumisho = certificate of completion of building.

3  Map of neighborhood that indicate 300 meters from your hotel.
( Authority wants to know whether there is a school etc in neighborhood or not. )

4  Building floor plan ( Tatemono zumen ).
In this paper, you can know accurate room area etc.

5  Drawing of front view, side view.

6  In the case, you equip gas heater with each room, drawing that can indicate situation of gas pipe. Drawing that can clarify lighting, water, drainage pipe, ventilation facility.

7  Scanned copy of articles of incorporation.
( Teikan. In the case, you operate your hotel under the name of company. And certified copy of commercial registry ( It should be issued within 6 months before application ).

8  Fee of 22,000 yen
( In the case of Chuo ward. )

As for 1 ( Application form ).

In this form, You need to clarify items below.

Distance between your hotel and kindergarten etc in this format.

Room area of guest room, front desk, lobby, kitchen, pantry, dinning room ( shokudou )

Type of heater. ( Gas or electricity )

Capacity of each room.
( The number of guest are determined by room area. )

The number of lavatory for male

The number of lavatory for female
As for the number of lavatory.
In the case there is a guest room that does not equiped with lavatory, you need to equip communal lavatory on the same floor.

You need to prepare it for each gender.

The number of washroom

Necessary number of toilet is determined by the number of capacity of room that does not equip with toilet.

Assumed there are 2 rooms in 2nd floor.

As for 201 ( capacity is 3 person), toilet is equipped with.
As for 202 ( capacity is 2 person), toilet is NOT equipped with.

In this case, you need to prepare communal toilet for these 2 persons.

According to table below, you need to prepare at least 2 toilets.


capacity is 5 or less : At least 2 communal toilets are required.

capacity is from 6 to 10 :  capacity is from 6 to 10

capacity is from 11 to 15 : At least 4 communal toilets are required.

Even if there is not guest room in specific story, you need to prepare lavatory for each gender at the story.

When you equip lavatory, you need to prepare stool.
Where you can sit down.

Regarding The number of washroom.

In the case there is a guest room that does not equipped with washroom, you need to equip communal use washroom.

Regarding The number of washroom.

You need to prepare communal wash room for the guest of room that is not equipped with wash room.

You need to prepare 1 wash room for 5 guests.

But, even if the number of guest is less than 5, you still need to prepare 1 wash room.

Inspection conducted by authority

1  When you make application for hotel license, persons from public health center come to your facility to inspect the actual situation.

2  When Chuo public health center has accepted your application paper, they send notification paper to local fire department.

3  Then, when fire department judge your facility fulfills necessary standards to prevent fire, they issue certificate to Chuo public health center.

4  In the case, your hotel is located within 100 meters from school, kindergarten, nursery school, library, public health center ask their opinion regarding to your application for hotel business permit.

Information mentioned above are related to hotel business law.

In the case of Chuo ward, Chuo public health center ( 中央区保健所 ) has jurisdiction.

However, other than this, you need to make application for other authority, too.

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