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Management of hotel in Japan

Register of guests in your hotel in Japan

When you manage your hotel in Japan, you need to know about law relating to operating a hotel in Japan.

So, in this page I will provide necessary information.

You need to prepare register of your guests ( 宿泊者名簿 ).

Necessary items in register.

location of former stay
Date of arrival and departure
Room number
Nationality, passport number, ( In the case of foreign national )
You need to take a scanned copy of passport

You also need to prepare register of your employee.
In this register, you fill in items below.

birth date
Content of work
Date of assumption

Appointment of hotel manager

You need to appoint supervisor ( Kanrisha ) for each hotel.

In the case you own apartments and operate hotel business there (in Edogawa-ku).

You need to hire hotel managers, at least 2 persons.

You may prepare front desk, manager’s room in your real estate or you may prepare operating office within 800 meters from your real estate.

You hotel managers can not be awake for 24 hours.

So, your hotel manager will work in shifts.

Notification of hotel charge 

In the lobby, you need to display notification that clarify amount of hotel charge.

You cannot reject application from potential guest without reasonable reason.

At the entrance of each room, you need to put plate that indicate room number.

In the room, you need to prepare notification that clarify amount of hotel charge.

In order that guest can contact your employee easily, it is better to set up phone at each room.

You need to clean your facility at least once a day.

As for bed clothes.You need to prepare clean bed clothes and replace it for each guest.

In the toilet, you can not prepare communal towel.

As for bathroom.
You need to replace water at least once a day.

As for communal bathroom, you need to fill in water every time when your guest are using bathroom.

As for filter at bathroom, you need to disinfect every week.

You need to keep record of cleaning of bathroom for 3 years.

In the case, customers other than guests of your hotel can use your bathroom, you need to obtain permit of public bath ( Koshu yoku jou = 公衆浴場 ).


During operation of your hotel, a person from public health center comes to your hotel to inspect situation of your hotel.

You need to show hotel business permit where your guest can find easily.

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