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Necessary documents for Minpaku registration

Owner of the real estate is necessary to operate airbnb business

In the case you operate New Minpaku Business (Maximum date is 180 days per a yearn) based on New Minpaku Law (date of enforcement is 15th, June, 2018), you need to submit New Minpaku Business application form and attached documents to authority.

Even if your real estate is located in Exclusive residential zone (Zoning where you can not obtain Hotel Inn License), you may be able to obtain this permit.

Basically, you need to do it via internet prepared by government.

If you are renter of real estate and plan to operate New Minpaku Business, you need to obtain permit from owner of real estate.

In the case you plan to operate New Minpaku Business in apartment, if apartment association rule prohibits from such operation, you can not start New Minpaku Business in the apartment.

In order to start New Minpaku Business, you need to receive certificate from fire department.

Fire department confirms if your New Minpaku Hotel has enough fire prevention facilities.

On application paper, you need to denote several items, including your address, name etc.

You also need to clarify information about New Minpaku business administrator (Juutaku shukuhaku kanri gyousha. It may be real estate company).

So, at the time you apply for New Minpaku Business registration, you need to hire such New Minpaku business administrator.

You need to submit copy of contract paper between you and Minpaku business administrator.
(If you are living in New Minpaku Hotel with your guest, you do not need to hire New Minpaku business administrator)

When you apply for registration of New Minpaku Business, your real estate should be real estate for residential purpose.
(So, it should equip with shower room, lavatory, kitchen, sink etc. Camping car is not real estate. So, you can not register it).

Assumed that you operate New Minpaku business from January to June.

In this case if you operate other kind of business there from July to December, the real estate is not residence.

So, you can not apply for this registration based on New Minpaku Hotel business.

Even if no one is living there, you need to prove that you have intention to find resident for your real estate.


If you are using the real estate for your residence, you need to prove it by documents.

You also need to prepare detailed drawing map of your real estate.
(Your new minpaku hotel needs to equip several facilities)

In the case you are renting the real estate, agreement paper of landlord is necessary.

In the case of apartment, copy of apartment association rule is necessary.

If apartment association rule does not stipulate article relating to New Minpaku Business, you need to prepare documents that clarify intention of apartment association (whether it bans it or not).

And there are many documents to be prepared.
(11th, March, 2018, 13th, March,linkedin. )

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