You are currently viewing Necessary documents to get Share house License in Japan

Necessary documents to get Share house License in Japan

Necessary documents to make application for the budget hotel business license in Japan

1  Application form of hotel license authorization.

( In this paper, you clarify condition of your facility. )

2   Scanned copy of Kensa zumisho = certificate of completion of building.
(In the case of old building, you may not be able to prepare this document)
3  Map of neighborhood.

( Authority wants to know whether there is a school in neighborhood or not. )

4 Building floor plan ( Tatemono zumen ).

In this paper, you can know accurate room area etc.

5  Drawing of front view, side view.
6  Drawing that can clarify lighting, water, drainage pipe, ventilation facility.
7  Scanned copy of articles of incorporation.
( Teikan. In the case, you operate your hotel under the name of company. ) and certified copy of commercial registry ( It should be  issued within 6 months before application ).
8  Fee of 11,000 yen ( In the case of Chuo ward. )

Once you make application for hotel business license with city hall, you will receive authorization from them.

“Link to Necessary documents of airbnb business registration ➡”

Fire prevention facilities are Necessary

However, in order to operate hotel business ( Even if that is the budget hotel business ), your facility should be equipped with fire prevention facility.

So, before you purchase a real estate, you need to confirm with fire prevention department ( shoubou sho ) .

And in the case, the number of capacity of your hotel is more than 29, you need to appoint fire prevention manager.

In order to be fire prevention manager, you need to pass the test carried by local fire prevention department.

Important matters relating to building standard law

Assumed that you purchase real estate and operate the budget hotel  there.

If the room area of your building is more than 200 ㎡, you need to make application for change of intended usage.( =Yoto henko = 用途変更 ).

For example, you purchase a residential house.

But, now you are going to use the real estate as budget hotel.

In that case, you need to apply for change of intended usage.

 This is stipulated in building standard act.

So, you will hire an Architect.

Restaurant business permit

In the case, you provide meal to your guests, you need to obtain permit of restaurant business.

And in order to obtain this permit, you need to appoint ” food sanitation supervisor = shokuhin eisei sekinin sha “.

In order to assume “food sanitation supervisor”, you need to take lesson and receive certificate of ” food sanitation supervisor = shokuhin eisei sekinin sha “.

Employment of hotel manager

1)  in the case you purchase a detached house in Sumida ward, Tokyo and obtain hotel license.

You or your employee needs to stay in your hotel all time (when there is a guest in your hotel) or you need to prepare employees (because she will sleep for several hours) who can come to your hotel within 10 minutes by walk.

So, you will find a person who wants to live in your hotel and become a manager of your hotel.

She does not need to pay rental fee. And she may be a retired person.

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