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Special zone Minpaku (Tokku minpaku)

You can operate Tokku Minpaku for 365 days without hotel license

 Summary : In the case you apply for special zone hotel business, you can operate hotel business for 365 days per a year without hotel license.

You want to operate hotel, ryokan, minshuku, airbnb business in Japan.

But you hesitate to obtain hotel license.

Because in order to obtain hotel license, your real estate needs to fulfill strict building standard law.

You may need to install additional slope, balcony.

Your employee needs to reside in your hotel.

Moreover, you do not want to operate minpaku based on new Minpaku law (juutaku shukuhaku jigyouhou).

Because, you can not operate Minpaku more than 180 days per a year.

In that case, you can select Special Zone Minpaku (tokku minpaku).

Special economic zone in Japan

If a real estate is located in special economic zone (Keizai tokku), you can find other option.

In the case of tokku minpaku, you and your guest need to conclude lease contract and lease duration should be from 3 days (2 nights, 3 days) to 10 day.

Otaku in Tokyo, (Chiba-shi), Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Kitakyushu-shi, (Niigata-shi) are designated as special zone.
( Website of ota ward)

In the case of tokku minpaku, you can not operate shared hotel (where your guests share same house).

One of hurdle of this process is relating to fire prevention law.

As far as building standard law is concerned, your hotel is deemed as residence.
( but if you convert office building into tokku minpaku hotel and the number of rooms are 2 or more and room area is 200 sqm or more,
you need to apply for Youto henkou. In order to apply for Youto henkou =change of registered purpose of building, you need to hire architect).

But regarding fire prevention law, it is deemed as hotel. So, you may need to install additional fire prevention facility.  
You can not stay with your guest in your hotel.

Room area of your hotel should be 25 square meters or more. Front desk is not necessary. Kitchen, lavatory, bathroom, basin are necessary.

In the case you are renting a real estate , in order to apply for tokku minpaku, landlord’s permit is necessary.

In the case your real estate is one of building (many persons own each unit), permit of apartment association is necessary (posted Linkedin2018).

In the case of Osaka city, if your real estate is located in exclusive residential zone (juukyo sen you chiiki) or industrial area or urbanization control etc, you can not apply for tokku minpaku.

Notice to neighboring residents

In order to apply for tokku minpaku, you need to inform neighboring persons of your tokku minpaku business plan in advance.

In the case of Osaka-shi, door to door notice or holding of briefing session is necessary.

Posting of letter to mail box is not enough.

(if your real estate is located in large building, you need to visit all residents of the building and other persons).

In order to apply for tokku minpaku, you need to install necessary fire prevention facility and receive certificate from fire department.

In the case of registration based on new minpaku law (180 days limitation), there is a loophole though (of course, it is illegal), you need to install facilities in advance.

It will take at least one month to receive this certificate.

After you apply for tokku minpaku registration with authority, it will take about ten days.

Government fee is about 22000 yen (about 220 USD).

Refer to Necessary documents to apply for airbnb business registration 【With limitation of 180 days】➡”

Garbage emerged by your guest is business related garbage.

So, you need to request a company to manage it. 


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