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Introduction of housewife real estate investor in Japan

A lady purchased a real estate of 20% ROI

A housewife in Japan has 5 detached houses in Chiba and Osaka prefecture.

She mainly purchases old detached houses with high yield on investment.

Yield on investment of her property is over 20 %.

After she graduated from high school and worked as a salaried employee in a small company.

Her monthly salary was only 80,000 yen.

However, after several years, she was laid off.

Then, she entered other company and  saved several million yen in several years later.

But, she was worried about that she would be laid off again in the future and wanted to get other source of income.

Then, she took an interest in real estate investment.

She read a lot of books relating to real estate investment and participated in several seminars.

And she focused in old detached house.

She has looked for suitable property via internet for 2 years and look it on the spot but she did not purchase it.

One day, she found a detached house, age of house is 35, of 5 million yen near her parent’s house.

She visited the house after several weeks and the local realtor proposed

” This house could not find a buyer for several months, so you can purchase it at 4 million yen. “

At that time, she could not estimate necessary cost to repair the house.

Then, she looked for reform agency via internet and asked him to visit the house with her.

Then, she proposed to purchase this house at 3.5 million yen and the seller accepted it.

Properties owned by her.

When she signed the purchase contract she paid additional 30,000 to her realtor.

Because, her realtor persuade the seller to discount selling price.

It was in January of 2012.

In order to renting out this house, she paid 4.8 million yen including purchase price, tax, cost to remodel.

( So, net yield on investment : 70,000 × 12 months / 4.8 million )  × 100 = 17%

And it took over 6 months to receive rental fee from her renter.

When she ordered remodel her house, she asked several reform agencies to provide quote.

In February 2012, remodel agency started their duty and finished in March and started to find a renter.

In Japan, many persons move their houses in March.

So, when landlord tries to find a renter, they need to find it within this month.

She asked local realtor to find a renter and her property was displayed in Real Estate Information Network System ( REINS )  and SUMO, ATHOME ( major website to find renters and buyers. )

However, she did not receive any contact from potential renters.

Because, she tried to find a renter at 70,000 yen per a month without knowing market price in this area.

And finally in September she found a renter.

She paid fee to advertise her property for 70,000 yen.

Unfortunately, her first renter left her house only after 6 months.
( In March, 2013. )

Then she tried to find next renter.

She visited several local realtors to find a renter by herself.

But, it took 2 month to find her next renter.
( In May, 2013. )

Though, she remodel her house, she did not replace facilities.

And her house was built 35 years ago.

It was not easy to find a renter.

She deliberated whether she should accept foreign renter.

She received application from Indian persons.

But, she did not ask realtor to administer and could not understand their language, so rejected their proposal.

Soon, she received application from Japanese women.

They looked for house to rent with her dogs.

And they are still living there and she has received stable income.

It took 1 and half month to stable her renting out business.
( Yield on investment :  )

After that she purchased several detached houses but she knows there are some demerit in this kind of investment.

” Some people say there are not enough detached houses for investment.

So, it is easier to find a renter. But, with respect to her familiar area, it does not apply.

Surely, there are some persons who want to live in detached house.

But, the number of such people is not large.  If owner can not find a renter until March, he may not be able to find renter for several months. 

And in the case owner can not find renter within busy season ( Around March ) , he may have to reduce the amount of rental fee.  In the case of old house, owner has to pay more money than new one to repair his house.

So, investors have to purchase it at low price.  So, my  target yield is 20 %.”

When she purchases a property, she demands discount of selling price. When she looks at the property on the site, she tries to find any reason to ask discount.

When she find a water heater, she asked discount of 100,000 yen.

And in her other case, she proposed to dispose seller’s garbage by herself and asked discount of 2 million yen.

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