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Minpaku registration in Hokkaido and Residence

Minpaku Registration and Residence

In order that you register a real estate as Minpaku hotel, it should be someone’s residence.
You do not need to live in the real estate always.
You need to visit your real estate sometimes and use it before you apply for Minpaku registration. 

If you are not renting out the property, you should use the real estate at least once a year.
If you are renting out the real estate, the renter is using it. 
If you purchase a house, no one has not used it. 
So you can not register the house as Minpaku facility.

So, in her case, she provided receipt as  an evidence.
When she came to her real estate (prospective inn), she purchased something in this neighborhood.

If a person of authority sees these receipts, he can think she comes to this real estate sometimes.

When she uses her real estate sometimes, her real estates can be included in temporary residence and it is OK to register as Minpaku hotel.

New minpaku law and limitation of 180 days ➡”

Certificate of her residence and Minpaku Registration

In order that she registers her real estate as Minpaku hotel (small sized Ryokan operated by Individual), she needed to provide official document that certify her address, name.
So, she prepared statutory declaration in her home country.

Fire safety facilities and Minpaku Registration

In order to register her real estate as Minpaku facility, she needs to install necessary fire prevention facilities.

Once she has installed fire prevention equipment, she needs to receive annual inspection for fire prevention facilities and it costs about 15,000 yen per a house.

And curtain in her inn was not fire proof one. So, she needed to remove it before a person of fire department came to her inn.

Yes, once fire prevention facilities have been installed, officer of fire department came to her inn to see situation.

Installment of fire prevention equipment and Minpaku Registration

She (Minpaku Business Operator) sent payment to fire prevention facility company and he installed necessary facilities.

Necessary facilities differs depending on situation of house. So, his support was very important.

It took several weeks to install it. Because he needed to prepare some materials.
Ten days after installment, a person of fire department came to her inn.
Then he would send some certificates to me by post.
The documents were necessary for minpaku registration.

Application for Minpaku registration in Japan

With other documents, application for Minpaku registration was submitted to authority.

Though authority requested to make small modification on documents, several weeks later, Minpaku registration number (m1212121212 etc) was issued.

This registration number is necessary to list her real estate on airbnb website.

On site inspection by government and Minpaku Registration

After she started her airbnb business, a person of authority (prefectural government) came to her inn.

In order to operate airbnb business, she did not hired management company.

So, in that case, she needed to stay in neighboring house (house 4).

So, authority wanted to confirm if she was actually staying in house 4.

If she was not there, authority canceled this minpaku registration.

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