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Office space and Guarantor in Japan

Office space is necessary to incorporate a company in Japan ?

Regarding starting a business in Japan. Assumed you (non resident of Japan) plan to start a business in Japan and need to prepare office space. Because without office space,you can not incorporate a company. Depending on business, you need to prepare exclusive use office space.

Guarantor is necessary

Generally when a you rent an office space, you need to prepare guarantor. Guarantor is a kind of collateral. If you fail to pay rental fee of office space, your guarantor needs to pay rental fee on your behalf. So,your friend in Japan will not become your guarantor easily.

Renting an office space without guarantor

However there are some company where you may be able to rent an office space without guarantor.

On the other hand, its rental fee is higher than conventional office space. Because this company takes enough risk to collect rental fee.

Comparison of rental fee

If rental fee of an office space is 70,000 yen in conventional office space (you need to prepare guarantor, legal address), in the case of this kind of company, rental fee for same room area will be 250,000 yen.

But if you can not prepare guarantor nor legal address, this kind of company is useful.

At first, you can start your business with its service. And when you can prepare guarantor or purchase small office space in rural area, you can be independent from this company.

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