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Apartment investment in Japan and tax accountant fee

Tax return in Japan is necessary even if you are not living in Japan

In the case you invest in an apartment in Japan, you need to file tax return ( Kakutei shinkoku )as long as you have income from real estate in Japan.


If you can not file tax return by yourself, you may hire tax account ( 税理士 = Zeirishi ).

She can be of your agent and make accounting book and papers necessary to submit tax return.

She can submit necessary documents to file tax return as your agent.

So, when you purchase an apartment or a house in Japan, you need to know amount of tax accountant fee in advance.

Tax accountant’s fee

If you can understand Japanese language and can make accounting book by yourself ( When you purchase real estate with my help, I can lecture you how to make accounting book. ), you can reduce the amount of tax accountant fee.

Ordinary price of tax accountant fee in Japan

When your tax accountant files tax return on your behalf once a year, amount of her fee will be 100,000 ~ 200,000 yen.

And if you order her to make daily accounting book, she will charge 15,000 ~ 35,000 yen every month.

Amount of tax accountant fee differs depending on tax accountant’s office and content of her service.

Some tax accountants may propose nice scheme to reduce amount of income tax legally.

And some tax accountants may charge very high fee, because she has collusion with other business entity.
( A real estate company introduced their familiar tax accountant to his customers. Then the tax accountant charged high fee for clients. And the tax accountant paid a part of fee received to the real estate company. This is a kind of “kick back”)

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