You are currently viewing Introduction of a person who invests in property to rent out for foreign nationals in Japan

Introduction of a person who invests in property to rent out for foreign nationals in Japan

All renters are not Japanese national

I think you can speak English language.

So, if you invest in this kind of renting out business in Japan, you can take advantage of your skill.

A person invested in over 10 rooms in Japan and all of them are old wooden old apartment and occupied with renters.

And he rents out all his rooms for foreign nationals in Japan.

Nationality of renter is English, German, American, Korean, Yemen.

Though his apartment is old and small and there is not a bathroom, the amount of rental fee is higher than other rooms that has same room area and age of building.

Many of investors hesitate to renting out their real estate toward foreign nationals, due to cultural difference.

( Due to their attitude, some of you may have unpleasant experience in Japan. )

But, he had some experience to visit a lot of foreign countries and had not any resistance in it.

Merit of renting out toward foreign nationals

1 Even if there is not bathtub, it is not a serious problem.
Because some foreigners do not have custom to soak in bathtub.

When he looked for an apartment without bathtub, he could invest in it at very low price.

2   Even if the room is equipped with tatami mat, he can find renters.
In the case of young Japanese renters, they do not like to live in room with tatami mat.
But, some foreigners like to live in traditional Japanese style room.

3  Even if the apartment building is old, he can find renters.

In foreign countries, there are a lot of old building.
So, some foreigners do not have resistance to live in old building.
He invested in old building apartment of over 50 years old.

4  There are not many competitors in this field.

Most of landlord hesitate to renting out their real estate toward foreigners. So, the number of building apartment that foreigners can rent is small.

Non payment of rental fee and Guarantor company in Japan ➡”

Demerit of renting out toward foreign nationals.

1  Apartment management fee is higher than ordinary apartment.

When persons invest in building apartment and hire local realtor to manage their apartment, the realtor will charge 5% of monthly rental fee.

But, in the case of this kind of apartment, owner has to ask realtor who can understand foreign language.

And amount of their fee is about 20% of monthly rental fee.

2  Duration of stay of renter is shorter than ordinary apartment.

If a renter leaves his room, landlord has to repair some defects and clean inside the room and it will cost some money.

And cost to find next renter is necessary.

3  Renters may cause trouble due to cultural difference.

Some renters do not have enough knowledge to dispose of their garbage etc.

4  Economic situation and / or foreign exchange rate will influence.

Though, the amount of apartment management fee is high, he reflects this amount to the amount of rental fee.

And he keeps in mind to clean the room at low cost.

Moreover he orders his renter to clean the room when renter leaves the room.

Though, there are cultural differences, he provides necessary information to his renters in advance.

The amount of monthly rental fee of his apartment is 90,000 yen, though his building apartment is 50 years old and room area is below 20 ㎡ .
( In his neighborhood, average amount of rental fee is 60,000 yen. But, his apartment is much older than other apartment. )

And in the case of flat house of his property, monthly rental fee is 65,000 yen, though room area is only 7 ㎡ .

When he rented out this flat share toward Japanese person, the amount of rental fee was only 25,000 yen.

He uses attractive wall papers and cushion floor to increase the amount of rental fee.

And in the case of a room, he converted Japanese style closet into a part of western style room.

In this way, he widened his room area.

Many persons who invest in real estate in Japan think when a building apartment gets old, the amount of rental fee will decrease.

But, if investors improve condition of room and facility, they can increase the amount of monthly rental fee.

He established coin drying machine on the garden of his building apartment and collected some money.

With this income, he made attractive space on the garden.

He also thinks of color inside each room.

He provides apartment with furniture. So, he uses bright color as for furniture and wall paper.

When he advertise his apartment to find renters, potential renters will look at his room via picture.

So, photograph is important.   Bright color is useful.

If you order me, I can find this kind of property for investment  with you.

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