Business Idea in Japan

Business Idea in Japan

Some of you want to start a business in Japan.

You may have already made concrete business idea.

But you hesitate to pay a lot of money to start the business.In that case, you and other person (contributor. “Mr.C”) incorporate a company.Then, you and / or Mr.C become director of the company.

Then, when the company goes well, you and Mr.C receives dividend.In order to take this option, legal and tax support is necessary.

However, I am willing to assist you.

Or some of you want to start a business in somewhere.But you do not have any idea of what kind of business you can start.

So, in this page, I would like to introduce business in Japan and you can refer to it.You may be able to start the business in Japan or other country.

business idea

When people look for restaurant, they will use website and within the website, they will search according to location, price etc.

However when they click “search”, there are too many information and can not know whether it is real nice restaurant or not.

Website of too many information is not easy to use (Ah, it may apply to my website. I need to modify it).

But in the case of this TERIYAKI, persons called “curator” visit the restaurant and take enough pictures and write nice report.

Persons who often use several restaurant can become curator.
(this website also provide profile of curator. Information who wrote the report is also important to find nice restaurant)

Curators already know good restaurants. So, when potential customers look at this website, they can find information only taken by curators.

In this business, existence of curator is important. Ordinary persons will trust customer experience provided by ordinary persons (not conflict of interest).

And in the case of this website, in order to sort out by some conditions, visitors need to pay 400 yen per a month.

How do you use this idea ?

Will you make this kind of website in English language for tourists in Japan or in your home country ?

If famous website provide too much information, you can make website that provide only important information.

And by using curator, you can collect trustworthy information (short customer report may not be sufficient).

Some of you have enough knowledge to make this kind of website.

So, you and other person (who can contact me to start this business. I will arrange legal process to protect your right) can collect actual information and write report.

Now, you can make this kind of website in English language.

Several months later, many foreign tourist will pay monthly membership fee.

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