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Duty of employees of nursery school in Japan

She ( employee of nursery school = Hoikuen = ほいくえん = 保育園. IF she has license, she is Hoikushi = ほいくし ) needs to prepare occasion that children can play outside of childcare facility.

She needs to prepare necessary toys, picture books according to age of children.

She needs to keep stable connection with parents of children. She can prepare correspondence note book between parents and teachers.

In the case she makes lunch, She needs to prepare menu in advance.
(   Kindergarten of my children notified me of menu in advance. )

She needs to conduct monthly physical measurement etc.

She needs to carry out heath check of children at the timing of entrance of facility and twice a year.

If she cannot carry out such duty, she can receive medical examination report ( kenko shindan sho ) or scanned copy of mother – baby notebook for medical and welfare records ( Boshi techo ).

At the timing of entrance, she needs to receive contact information of student’s family doctor and his physical constitution.
And she also needs to collect information of hospitals near the school and let all employee know.

She needs to carry out medical examination of employee at the timing of employment and once a year.

She needs to carry out stool examination once a month regarding to employees for making meals.

She needs to prepare necessary medical supplies.
In the case a student is infected with infectious disease, she needs to demand his parents to go to his family doctor.

This apply to the case there is a possibility of that.
When he returns to child care facility, she needs to demand his parents to provide paper that can indicate his recovery.

As for tooth brush, cup, towel, handkerchief, she ask children and parents not to share each other.

In the case, she lay down infant, she must do it on his back.

She must make list of name of employee, contact information, scanned copy of employee’s qualification, curriculum vitae, papers that can indicate date of employment.
She must prepare roster of each employees.

She must prepare necessary documents pursuant to labor standard laws.
She must prepare directory of students and birth date of students, health condition, contact information of parents, content of contract.
She must keep drawing that can show acreage of facility.
She must show content of her service at the suitable place where potential clients can find out.

She must explain content of contract toward prospective clients.

Once prospective client applied for entrance of her facility, she needs to provide paper that can indicate content of contract.

This is a part of application form to register nursery school with Tokyo metropolitan government.

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