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Guarantor company in Japan

Guarantor (Hoshonin) and real estate in Japan

In the case you rent a real estate in Japan, basically you need to find guarantor in Japan.

Because when you fail to pay rental fee for owner of real estate, your guarantor needs to pay rental fee on your behalf.

So, your colleague, friend will hesitate to become your guarantor.

And when you rent a real estate in  Japan, your guarantor needs to be living in Japan and have income.

(Change of Law and Responsibility of Guarantor in Japan)

Guarantor company in Japan

If you can not find your guarantor, you may be able to find guarantor company.

When you pay some fee for Guarantor company (Hosho Gaksiha), the company may become your guarantor.

However if you do not have legal address in Japan, most of guarantor company will not become your guarantor.

Guarantor company for non resident of Japan

However I have found a guarantor company who can be guarantor for non resident of Japan.

When you incorporate a company in Japan, you need to prepare office space. 

It may be virtual office or share office or ordinary exclusive use office space.

In either case, basically you need to provide Guarantor (Hoshonin). So, if you can use this guarantor company,  it may be useful for you.

Necessary fee for this guarantor company 

In the case you rent an office space and its monthly rental fee is 70,000 yen, its fee is 70,000 yen.

This fee is for 1st year.

Then after 1st year, you need to pay 30,000 yen every year.

On the other hand if rental fee is 50,000 yen or less, you still need to pay 50,000 yen for this company.

Then after 1st year, you need to pay 30,000 yen every year.

In order to request this company to become your guarantor, you do not need to come to Japan.

However you can provide photocopy of your ID, telephone number in home country and contact information in Japan.

So, you still need to find a person who can receive contact on your behalf in Japan.

If you need any help to rent an office space or real estate in Japan, you can contact me.

I may receive contact from this Guarantor company on your behalf or I may provide another option ( If you do not hope to pay 50,000 yen for this company ).

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