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Hoiku Sitsu and opening of ほいくえん in Japan

Preparation of childcare room and lavatory, kitchen 

She needs to prepare childcare room ( Hoiku shitsu ) and kitchen and lavatory.
However, in the case she makes lunch out side of her childcare facility or children brings lunch box from their house, she does not need to prepare kitchen.
However, she needs to prepare necessary facility to heat lunch box, preserve food.

She needs to separate kitchen and nursing room to prevent children from entering into kitchen.

She needs to prepare at least room area of 1.65 ㎡ or more for one child.

It is better that she prepares Nursing room for infants ( Basically, his age is under one year old. ) other than room for little children.
Otherwise, children may step on infants.

If she can not prepare another room, she needs to prepare partition etc.
Nursing room should have enough lighting and ventilation.
As for bed for infant and little children, she can not lay down multiple persons at same bed at the same time.

Lavatory should be separated form nursery room and kitchen.

Lavatory and nursing room should have exclusive use hand washing equipment.

Approximately the Number of lavatory should be at least one for 20 little children.

The childcare facility should be equipped with emergency disaster countermeasure and emergency exist door etc.

She needs to make specific, concrete plan to tackle with disaster and conduct periodical evacuation drill.

She needs to conduct evacuation, fire extinguish drill at least once a month.
She needs to prepare emergency exit door other than gate way.
As for exit doors, each doors should not be close to another door.

She needs to make nursing room at 1 st floor of building basically.
If she can not make nursing room at 1st floor, she needs to prepare necessary measures as below

In the case, she makes nursing room at 2nd floor of building, she must satisfy all requirements below.

1   She must prepare necessary equipment to avoid fall of children.
2  The child care facility should be fire-resistant buildings or semi-fire-resistant buildings .
3  She should prepare indoor stairs or outdoor stairs. ( as for ordinary use )
She also needs to prepare emergency stairs or balcony where students can use for evacuation, or fire escape slope or outdoor stairs.

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