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How to become Tour Guide in Japan?

License is not necessary

Tour Guide can introduce sightseeing spot (ex. kiyomizu dera temple) to travelers who come to the sightseeing spot.

You can talk about culture, history of specific area or guide specific buildings accompanying with tourists.

You need to have knowledge relating to specific sightseeing spot and language skill.


Until several years before, if you guide tourist and receive fee, you need to have license “通訳案内士”. However pursuant to change of law, you do not need to obtain this license.

However without this national license, you can not say “I am a 通訳案内士”.

Now, there are some website where tour guide and travelers can contact with.

Difference between Tour conductor and Tour Guide

Tour conductor (hired by travel agency) can manage schedule of travel, arrangement of meeting place. Based on itinerary produced by travel agency, they can proceed with tour.
National license is necessary.

On the other hand, Tour guide can guide travelers at specific sightseeing spot. Travelers have already arrived at sightseeing sport and you can guide, explain the sightseeing sport to the travelers. So, it is also called “local guide”.

How to find customers


The number of tourists from outside of Japan is increasing, the number of tour guide is not sufficient. More than half of tour guide is located in Tokyo are, in rural area, there are not enough tour guides.

As for language, most of tour guide can understand only English language. So, if you can understand Thailand, Chinese etc, you may be able to find customers.
(About 70% of tourists come from China, Korea, Thailand etc)

In order to provide good service for tourist, you need to learn about history of Japan. So, you will study and try to attract tourist.

If you can incorporate company close to famous sightseeing spot, you may be able to find enough customers.

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