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Certificate of signature to make Pvt in Japan

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4) Power of Attorney is necessary to make LLC in Japan 

When you order me to file registration of incorporation of a company, representative member of your company needs to affix corporate seal on power of attorney. As for this document, I can make in in English language.

5)  Corporate seal

You need to prepare corporate seal and affix on following papers.
It may not be easy to prepare suitable seal. In that case, I can purchase corporate seal on your behalf.
It will cost around 2,000 yen per a representative member.

6)  Certificate of signature

Representative member has to prepare certificate of signature. If a member Nancy is managing member but not a representative member, she is not required to prepare certificate of signature.

Seal certificate (Inkanshomeisho) is necessary to make Pvt.Ltd in Japan

 Assumed a Representative member is Yemen living in Malaysia.

She goes to Yemen embassy in Malaysia and acquire certificate of signature. This certificate should prove her formal name, address, birth date, signature.

Assumed a Representative member is Yemen person living in Republic of Yemen, she can go to embassy of Republic of Yemen, or Notary public office who can issue this certificate.

You need to submit original document to legal affairs bureau.

If a representative member is resident in Japan ( if she can obtain certificate of her legal address in Japan ), she does not need to obtain certificate of signature.
But, she can provide Inkan shomeisho ( 印鑑証明書 ).

In the case of Joint stock company, original shareholder of company needs to prepare certificate of signature or Inkan shomeisho.

However in the case of LLC, it is not required.

And you can prepare other necessary documents. In any cases, as far as you hire me for this process, you do not need to use Japanese language.

She  ( Incorporator = Hokki nin ) needs to prepare certified copy of her seal impression ( Inkanshomei sho =   印鑑証明書.  This is a kind of certificate of signature. ).

Certified copy of her seal impression is necessary to ask notary public  notarize the articles of incorporation.


If she does not have legal domicile in Japan ( = if she does not have status of residence in Japan ), she can not register her seal with city hall.

So, she can not acquire certificate of her seal impression.

But, even if she cannot acquire this certificate, she can still incorporate an company and assume representative director.

In the case, she cannot acquire this certificate, she needs to acquire certificate of signature from her home country.

If this certificate is not written in Japanese language, she needs to prepare translation of it.
( Translation by professional translation company is not required. I will translate it into Japanese language. )

As for issuance of share certificate of company in Japan  ➡

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