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How to open a nursery school in Japan

In this page, I will explain how to open a nursery school ( nursing school = preschool = day care center =Hoiku en = hoiku jo ≒ kindergarten ) in Japan.

In the case, you want to start international nursery school ( Hoiku-en, preschool = day care center ) in Japan, or you want to start ordinary nursery school ( preschool = day care center  ) or you want to take in and look after children as a business, you need to know a lot of matters relating to law and tax.

In the case your facility takes in and looks after preschool children, you need to register your facility with authority.

Even if you teach only Foreign language at your school, Juku, if preschool children spend 4 hours or more per a day, 5 days or more per a week, 39 weeks per a year in your school, without presence of their parents, your school is included in Hoikuen.

So, you need to submit necessary documents to government.
Even if you start this kind of business at your apartment, you still need to obtain permit from authority or register your facility with municipal government.

If you obtain authorization from government, it means that your school becomes authorized nursing school = Ninka hoiku en.
And even if your facility is not unauthorized nursery school but register with government ( Actually, in order to operate your nursery school, you need to register your facility with government. ) and obtain its certificate, you can apply for some merits.

In the case, you register your facility with Tokyo metropolitan government, officer of Tokyo metropolitan government will come to your facility to investigate situation of operation.
Then, if your facility satisfies necessary standard stipulated by Tokyo government, you can acquire certificate.
You can display this certificate at your facility.
Then, it will be beneficial to acquire trust from your customers.
And when you acquire this certificate, your customers do not have to pay consumption tax with respect to school expenses.

If you do not register your facility with Tokyo government, it is illegal and they can order you to close your facility.

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