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How to live in Japan without too much risk?

How to live in Japan ?

You may hope to live in Japan. If you can find a job in Japan, you may be able to obtain work permit and live in Japan.

 If you can find a job in Japan, at least the amount of monthly salary will be 2,000 USD (100 yen = 1 USD) per a month.  So, it may be good for you.

 However if you do not understand Japanese language, it is not easy to find a job.

In that case, you can start your business relating to japan and obtain business manager visa = status of residence of Business Manager = Investor Visa.

However in order to acquire business manager visa, basically you need to invest at least 5 million yen (it is about 50,000 USD) and hire 2 Japanese employees.

Even if you invest 50,000 USD and hire employees, it is not secured that you can acquire business manager visa.

I know you do not want to take such risks. So I would like to show you another option.

Start a business before you live in Japan

In that case, at first you can start your business relating to Japan before you obtain status of residence in Japan.

Assumed that you have programming skill and teach it via internet.

You do not know Japanese language. So, you will hire part-time employee in Japan remotely.

If you need assist to find suitable employee, I can look for it on your behalf.

You will make material to teach programming to Japanese national and your employee will translate it.

And he will make website on your behalf and start marketing.

He will meet with customers and teach programming in person.

Then, when your business has made profit, your company in Japan will pay tax in Japan.

Like this, you can prove that your business can sustain your living in Japan after you have started your life in Japan.

After that, you will hire full time employees and / or invest 50,000 USD.

As far as you invest 50,000 USD and hire 2 Japanese employees, you may be able to apply for acquisition of business manager visa.

However I believe it is too much risk for you.

So, before you apply for business manager visa, you can start your business in Japan remotely and make good record.

Like this you can minimize your risk and I believe this is the feasible way to live in Japan as business manager.

Even if you do not have intention to live in Japan, you can  use this method.

You can hire employee in Japan and he will work for your company. Then, your company will make profit and you will receive salary from Japanese customers.

Investment of 50,000 USD to live in Japan

In order to obtain business manager visa and live in Japan, you need to prepare 50,000 USD generally.

If you can not prepare 50000 USD, you can borrow the funds from your relative, friend.

As far as you actually borrow it ( not show money), it is legal. You and your friend will make loan agreement paper and may set collateral, guarantor.

Notary public in your home country will make loan agreement paper and it will beneficial to acquire trust from immigration agency of japan.

My support to live in Japan

In order to take this process, you need to hire local part time employee.

Then, if you hire me, I will look for suitable part time employee in Japan and incorporate a company.

And I can also translate English material into Japanese language.

As far as you can start your job online, you do not need to hire part time employee in Japan at first.

I can be of your remote employee.

My profession is a lawyer in Japan.

So, I can take necessary legal and tax process in Japan.

If you are interested in this scheme, you can contact me.

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You may be able to acquire the status of residence of the business manager before you prepare an office space and incorporation of company in Japan.

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