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Nursery school and Fire prevention act in Japan

Matters relating to fire prevention act ( Shobo ho = 消防法 )

In the case, you operate nursery school in your real estate, you need to notify your facility of local fire department office.

A lot of children will come to your nursery school. If there was a fire or disaster, fire department needs to take care of your facility immediately. 

So, when you operate nursery school, you need to submit notification form to fire department.

And when you submit this notification form for fire department, you also need to submit notification paper that clarifies the name of manager of fire prevention measures.

Thus, you need to appoint fire prevention manager ( Boka kanrisha = 防火管理者 .

And in order to assume as fire prevention manager, you need to pass test. This test is carried by fire department and its relevant organization. And fire prevention manager needs to supervise the status of fire prevention measures. .

So, the person should be there all the time. You cannot appoint a person as  fire prevention manager if he is part time worker and most of days, he is not in your facility.
You need to appoint fire prevention manager among full time employee.

This law applies when you operate one of room of building and the number of persons who use the whole building is 30 or more.

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