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Objectives of Pvt. in Japan

Necessary items to make LLC in Japan

When you have fixed address of your company, you need to determine several items as below, then specify in articles of incorporation ( Teikan = 定款 ).

When you want to incorporate your company, you need to make articles of incorporation at first.

1  Trade Name ( Shogo = 商号 )

You need to decide name of your company. You can choose almost every trade name. So, you can name your company ” Tokyo Disney Land Limited Liability Company “. But, Company who operates Tokyo Disney Land can file civil law suit base on Unfair Competition Prevention Law.
And if you are not going to operate bank business, you can not register ” Tokyo Bank LLC “. But, you can register ” Tokyo Information Bank LLC “.

2  Purposes ( Mokuteki = 目的 )

You need to decide what kind of Business you operate in your company and register it.

This is sample of purposes of company.

(1) Real estate activities, construction business

(2) Advertising agency business

3 Location of Head Office

You need to specify location of your head office. When you write location of your head office in articles of incorporation, you do not need to write specific address of head office. If you locate your head office at Minato ward, Tokyo prefecture, you just write ” The Company shall have its head office in Minato -ward , Tokyo. “

But, in other documents to file registration of incorporation of a company, you need to write specific address in Japan.

4 Method of Public Notices

You need to decide method of public notice. In the case of joint-stock corporations, you need to announce financial result every year.
( Though, joint-stock corporations needs to publish announcement of financial result every year, the percentage of  small and medium sized joint-stock corporations that actually perform this duty is below 10 %.  )

In the case of Limited Liability Company, you do not need to publish announcement of financial result.

So, you will not have any chance to publish announcement via public notice.
( If you reduce Stated Capital of the company or merge other company, you need to conduct public notice. )

The commonest way to conduct public notice is ” the official gazette.

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