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How to scale up your business ?

How to scale up your business?

Assumed that you are going to start your business anywhere. Let’s say you will start a car exporting business. Your company will purchase vehicls from Japan and export them.

1 You will hire an employee. Your time is very important. So, you will not spend your time for paper work, nor finding suitable vehicles for customers by yourself.

So, you will hire an employee and she will engage in paper work and finding suitable vehicles and purchasing them.

However, you should not ask her to do whole works by herself. If she can do all works (from finding customers, marketing, accounting, making necessary documents, inspecting vehicles, purchasing vehicles), she will start her own company soon.

2  In order to ask her for you, you need to make a manual. You know how to make necessary documents to export vehicles, how you can purchase vehicles, how to inspect vehicles before your purchasing, how to export them etc.

Then, you will make a manual that teaches her necessary works for you.

You will make a very easy to understand manual.

If she sees it, she can conduct her job assigned by you.

3  Once you have made a manual, she will use it. Then, when she asks you something, you will add your answers in the manual.

In the case, she can not complete her task even if she follows the manual, you need to modifies the manual.


4  Even if you hire an employee, important matters should be conducted by you. As a business operator, your role may be fiding customers and customer service.

You will use your time to contact with customers. In this way, customers will remeber your name.

And it will lead to knowing ideas for doing business.