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About Shihoshoshi in Tokyo

Solicitor’s profile

Tomohiko AKIYAMA Legal office

Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Kachidoki, 3-2-3-408


Phone: Japan (+81) 3-3 5 3 6 – 5 6 9 1

Licensed Since: 2001


Education: University of Meiji


Practice Areas: 

  • Incorporation of company in Japan 
  • Acquisition of business license
  • Support of real estate transaction
  • Interpretation of tax documents
  • Representative person of your business in Japan

    All articles in this websites are written by Tomohiko AKIYAMA.

    Since graduation of faculty of law in university,  Tomohiko AKIYAMA has assisted non Japanese speakers to start a business or sale and purchase real estate of Japan.

  • Operating hour ~ 11 pm

By they way, I would like to introduce Japanese phrase “もち は、もちや” and business management.

もち=餅=rice cake
もちや=餅屋=rice cake shop.

Originally, It means even if you can make rice cake by yourself easily, if you hope to eat rice cake, you should purchase it at rice cake shop.

What this phrased really means that each person should focus on her profession. It is better for time wise.

Assumed that you plan to start a restaurant in Japan. You will try to advertise your shop via internet. So you need to make a website of your restaurant.

In that case you may try to learn how to make website by yourself.

Because when you hire a person to make a website, a lot of money may be necessary and you hope to save such money.

But in that time, you should remember ”もちはもちや”.

Your time is very important. So you should focus on your main business.

Your main job is to make excellent menu and advertise your business. So you will meet with some persons one by one and inform her of your restaurant. Or you will distribute flyer. You should learn marketing.
(I believe marketing is more important than taste of food. Nowadays, it is not easy to make big difference in taste.)

Of course quality of your contractor(website developer) is important. She should give you useful knowledge without your request.

If you read through this website, you can learn some knowledge and try to incorporate a company or apply for necessary license.
However I think it is not your main business. You can focus on your main job and save your precious time. 
Though you may lose some of money. However your time is more important than several ten thousand yen.

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