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Subsidy for employers in Japan

Introduction of a subsidy ( Joseikin = 助成金 ) in the case a business person employs specific job seeker in Japan

Assumed that a person operates business in Japan, if she hires a new employee, it is better for her to know about subsidy in Japan.
In the case a she hires mother of father less family ( boshi katei  = 母子家庭 ) or elderly person, she may able to receive subsidy.

I mean ” mother of father less family ( boshi katei  = 母子家庭 ) ” that when a woman named Hanako married  with Taro, gave a birth in 2011.
In 2012, they divorced and Hanako is living with her child.
In this case, it is not easy for her to find a job. Because, she needs to take care of her child.


In order to receive subsidy from Japanese government, she ( employer ) needs to satisfy following requirements.

(1) She needs to hire a person through introduction of “hello work ” or other civil employment
placement provider etc.

(2) She needs to enroll in unemployment insurance ( Koyo hoken ) and has intention to hire him continuously.

Please refer to this website, though it is written in Japanese language.

And I have translated this website.

In my file, “short hours worker” means that his weekly working hours are 20 or more hours and
less than 30 hours.

However she can not receive this subsidy more than amount of salary of mother of fatherless family.

Maximum amount of subsidy is amount of employee’s salary.

So, in the case, the amount of her salary for specific term ( 支給対象期 ) is 200,000 yen,
she cannot receive subsidy of 300,000 yen.

I will assist you to make application in this procedure.


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