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How to keep accounts book in Japanese

How to keep accounts ( Chobo = 帳簿 ) in Japanese language

When you have an income in Japan ( You may have a real estate income or business income. ), you need to file tax return.

But, you do not want to make account book by your hand.
In that case, you hope to acquire accounting software ( 会計ソフト = Kaikei sohuto ).

However, you do not want to buy expensive accounting software.
So, I will introduce accounting software for free of charge.

I also using this accounting software.

This is quotation from 複式簿記対応 会計ソフト「ビッキー」.

1  You can visit this website. and type ” Bikky “

 2  You can find this software and click it.

3  You can click ダウンロード 

4  Again, you

5  You can save the file by clicking ” ファイルを保存 “.
6  Click ” 実行 “

7  Click ” 展開 “.

8  Click ” R1Bik 1a12 “

9  Select ” program files.”10  Click ” RINOHA “11  Click “Bikky” → ” Bikkye01.exe “

12  You can find this screen and click ” 仕訳 ” to input journal.

You can inquire me how to input accounting book.

I have added another page to make accounting books. You can find detailed information in this page.

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