You are currently viewing Coronavirus cooperation money from the Tokyo Government

Coronavirus cooperation money from the Tokyo Government

Coronavirus cooperation money from the Tokyo Government

I will try to explain how to get the so-called cooperation money 協力金 (Kyōryoku Kin) from the Tokyo Government. It’s financial aid provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan government to businesses that meet the requirements and are willing to suspend their operations. Let’s take a closer look.

Let’s assume you run a business here in Japan, an International school in Tokyo. A lot of students used to come to your school everyday, until the the COVID-19 epidemic broke out.

Now due to the Coronavirus, parents hesitate to use your school and you also hesitate to accept students to avoid further spreading of Coronavirus in Japan.

In that situation, Japanese government declared state of emergency.

Tokyo Metropolition Government has requested several kinds of business operators to suspend their business.

Then according to request (休止要請) from Tokyo government, you suspended your business. In that case you may be able to receive the so-called Coronavirus Cooperation Money (Kyōryoku Kin) from the Tokyo government.

You can apply for cooperation money starting the 24th, April 2020.

If you can satisfy several requirements, you can receive ¥500,000 yen or ¥1,000,000 from the Tokyo Government.

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Cooperation money Requirements

You have suspended your business to prevent spreading the Coronavirus from 16th April 2020 to 6th May 2020.

Please be advised: If you suspended your business from 17th, April to 7th, May, you will not be able to receive this money.

You are operating your business as: 

    • sole proprietorship or 
    • small and medium sized company.

The amount of money you can receive depends on the number of shops or facilities you currently in Tokyo.

If you operate multiple shops or facilities (2 or more) in Tokyo, ¥1,000,000.

If you operate a single shop or a facility, you can receive ¥500,000.

Budget of Tokyo government is ¥96,000,000,000.

What types of businesses are eligible to receive the cooperation money

If you are not sure, whether you can receive the cooperation money from the Tokyo government, here’s a list of business, that can apply for “kyōryoku kin“.

You are operating your business as: 

    • Hostess bars, Gentlemen’s club, Internet cafes etc.
    • Universities and private school;.
    • Theaters;
    • Museums, libraries, zoos etc.
    • Shopping malls(except shops, that sale daily necessities);

If your retail space is less than 100 square meters, and your business does not object to the suspension in the period I mentioned above, you are eligible to receive the cooperation money from the Tokyo government.

Please be advised: if you run a shop, that sells daily necessity goods you cannot apply for Coronavirus cooperation money, even if you suspend your business activities for the given period. 

If you operate a clinic or a type of a convenience store, your business falls under the “daily necessities” category.

Tokyo government cooperation money for the Restaurant business

In the case you run a restaurant or a cafe or any type of similar business and you reduce your opening hours, you are eligible to receive the cooperation money from the Tokyo government.

To satisfy this requirement you have to make sure that: your business is closed from 8pm (20.00) to 5am (5.00).

You do not have to suspend your business activities completely.

You may offer delivery or takeaway after 8pm you will still be eligible to receive the cooperation money. 

Hotel is a type of business, where larger gatherings of people in one place are inevitable, which is not safe during the current pandemic.

Therefore business operators can suspend their businesses and apply for cooperation money. Furthermore if a hotel has a hall that can be used as a meeting space, then the business can be object of this request of suspension and apply for issue of cooperation money.

However this is not the case for entrepreneurs that run a Minpaku (apartment sharing) type of business, are not commonplace there. So business operator will not be able to apply for the money.

But those operating a Minpaku business as a company, who will suffer a significant drop in sales in 2020 — 50% or less compared to to 2019, may apply for for subsidy of ¥2,000,000.  

You can apply for this Tokyo government cooperation money from 22nd April 2020 to 15th, June, 2020. 

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