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Business Manager visa and Business partner in Japan

Business Manager visa Japan and Business Partner in Japan

Certificate of eligibility ( COE ) of Japan is important

In the event you plan to start a business and live in Japan, you need to obtain VISA (Precisely speaking “status of residence = zairyu shikaku) in Japan.

And in order to obtain VISA (status of residence),  you need to obtain certificate of eligibility  ( = zairyu shikaku nintei shomei = 在留資格認定証明 ).

In order to live in Japan as a business manager, you need to prove that your business can sustain your living in Japan.

You would like to say that your company business will make sufficient sales amount and it can sustain your living in Japan.

However you need to prove it by evidence issued by third person.

Even if you make detailed business plan with beautiful pictures, persons of immigration agency do not trust it.

So in this page, I would like to introduce feasible way. 

If you can satisfy several conditions (it means persons of Immigration agency considers that your business will go well) to reside in Japan and minister of Justice ( Homu daijin ) admits it, COE will be issued for you.

You can prepare several documents and apply for COE in immigration office in Japan and after about 3 to 8 months, you can receive COE.

However even if you are not in Japan, you can not apply for COE by post.

And even if you have a friend in Japan, your friend can not apply for it on your behalf.
(However if you have already hired an employee to start your business in Japan and can prepared conditional employment contract paper with her, she may be able to  apply for COE on your behalf ).

You need to visit immigration office physically and make application.

It should be inconvenient for you.

As I mentioned above, you need to prove that your business will go well with evidence.

Though you can not start your business by yourself before you obtain Business manager visa, you need to prove that your business will go well and your company can pay you suitable amount of salary.

So you can choose this option. 

Finding a Business partner to obtain Business Manager VISA of Japan

Basically you need to find business partner in Japan to start a business and live in Japan.

Actually it is important to find a business partner in Japan.

Without such person, you will encounter several hurdles.

It should be difficult to rent an office space without resident in Japan.
(Refer to Renting an office space and Guarantor)

You can purchase office space in Japan without legal address in Japan.

However you do not want to spend a lot of money at the time of your start-up.

You can incorporate a company without legal address in Japan.

So, you will find business partner ( he may be a lawyer or friend in Japan ) and you become representative director and he ( Assumed Mr.P ) becomes director of your company in Japan.

( In the case of LLC, Mr.P needs to invest at least one yen to become director ).

In that case Mr. P can apply for COE for you and receive it on your behalf.

In this way, you can receive COE without coming to Japan.

Moveover Existence of Mr.P is convenient to incorporate joint stock company.

When you incorporate a Joint stock company = kabushiki kaisha = 株式会社, you need to contribute capital amount to bank account in Japan.

And foreign banks are not included in this bank.

Maybe, you do not have account in bank authorized by the government of Japan.

So, you can contribute capital amount (  It should be 5 million yen or more ) to Mr. P’s bank account in Japan.

If you do not want to remit your capital amount to Mr.P’s bank account, you need to open account in Bank that is authorized by Japanese government.

For example, Mitsubishi Tokyo has branch office in Taiwan.

However in order to acquire trust from officers of immigration bureau, it is better to send money to Japan.

If you can not find any person who can deposit your capital amount of 5 million yen or more and you can trust me, I can deposit your money to my business bank account.

Once Mr.P has received COE, he can send this paper to you ( You are outside Japan ) by post.

Then if you do not hope to send to spend 5 million yen  to Japan, you can find other option in this page.

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You may be able to acquire the status of residence of the business manager before you prepare an office space and incorporation of company in Japan.

Business Partner can start your business before you obtain Business manager visa and make reliable evidence

If you can find a business partner in Japan and she can start your business on your behalf (you will manager her remotely), possibilities to obtain COE will increase.

As for details, you can refer to this page.
How to obtain Business Manager Visa without taking too much risks

Starting your business without a business manager visa in Japan

A person (Ms.Nancy) who only has the status of residence of Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services cannot operate her own business in Japan.

In that case, her relative who does not live in Japan can set up a company (J Co., Ltd.) in Japan. The officer is a person who lives outside Japan (it can be her relative or friend). The company hires Ms.Nancy in Japan.

And Ms.Nancy works as an employee of J Co., Ltd. in Japan. As long as Ms.Nancy’s job at J Co., Ltd. is in the same category as her status of residence, she does not need to obtain permission from the Immigration Bureau.

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