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Business manager visa and Employees in Japan

Required standard to obtain status of residence as business manager

In order that you obtain status of residence as business manager, you need to fulfill all requirements below

1  You have already prepared necessary facility to operate your business in Japan.

2  The scale of your business should be suitable one.

2-1 The number of employees other than you are two or more.


In this “ two ”, foreign nationals are not included.

However if the foreign nationals are spouse of Japanese national or permanent resident, or they are permanent resident in Japan, they can be included in “two”.

So, even if you hire two foreigners who have status of residence as engineer, you can not fulfill this requirement.


The capital amount of your company is five millions or more

If you are going to engage in management ( kanri. Not president ), you have experience of operation or management of business for more than three years and the amount of your salary should be same as Japanese nationals or more.


If you hire one Japanese employee, the amount of capital should be more than 2.5 million yen.

( even if the Japanese national is part time worker, it is not problem ).
Even if you do not incorporate legal entity, it may be possible to obtain status of residence as business manager.

Assumed you will start restaurant business and spent 5 million yen to renovate restaurant space.


In this case scale of your business may be considered as suitable.

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You may be able to acquire the status of residence of the business manager before you prepare an office space and incorporation of company in Japan.