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Business Manager visa of Japan and Necessary documents

Necessary documents to obtain status of residence as business manager.

( Original documents are not basically returned to you )

1  Envelope.

With this envelope immigration officer will send you COE by post.

It can not send this paper oversea.

2  Your picture.

Without any back ground.

The size should be 4cm x 3cm.

3  Application paper for COE

4  In the case you become director of your company, agreement paper that decide amount of your salary.

( It may be decided by meeting of shareholders )

5  Certified copy of commercial register

6  Pamphlet of your company that clarify details of your company.

History of your company, organization, content of activity, information of supplier and customer.

7  In the case you hire employees, their certificate of residence and document that clarify payment of salary.

8  Lease contract paper of your office

( name of renter should be your company )

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9  Business plan

10  Latest financial statement, if it exists.

11  Document that indicates your company conducted tax withholding.

Or notification paper of establishment of office

.If you have found business partner, your company can pay salary for him and conduct withholding.

12  passport and scanned copy of it.

13  Picture of your office.

Appearance of building, inside the office.

Your office should have signboard, desk, computer, telephone, fax etc.

You need to appeal the space is exclusively business purpose.
Any document that can clarify situation of your business.

If your business partner has already started your business and make some profit, it should be nice to acquire trust from authority ( Nyukoku kanri kyoku ).

If your business is restaurant business, scanned copy of your restaurant business permit is necessary and you need to prepare menu.

Immigration office will inspect source of capital amount of your company.

Many foreigners tried to obtain this status of residence with show money.

They borrowed 5 million yen from their bad friend and incorporated a company and made fake business plan and applied for status of residence.


If you are student or dependent and have prepared 5 million yen, immigration officer wants to know how do you prepared it.

In that case you need to prepare document that can clarify source of the money.

If the money was remitted from your bank account, you can submit statement of bank account.
If your parents donated 5 million yen, you need to prepare donation paper.

And your parents need to prepare document that clarify how they have prepared 5 million yen.

Necessary documents to extend status of residence as business manager.

1  Passport and resident card

2  Your picture.

3  Documents that indicates your company conducted tax withholding.

4  Latest tax filing application paper

5  Document that you have paid resident tax

6  Documents related to social insurance.

Your company needs to enrolled in social insurance and prove such enrollment.

If a document is issued by authority, it should be issued within three months.

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You may be able to acquire the status of residence of the business manager before you prepare an office space and incorporation of company in Japan.