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Change of job and VISA of Japan

In the case foreign workers change their job, can they keep visa of Japan ?

In the case a foreign worker was working in Japan under status of residence of “engineer”.
But, due to economic situation of the company, she needs to change her job.
There are two years of residue of validity of her status of residence.
She is going to look for a job in Japan.

In this case, can she keep her visa (status of residence) in Japan legally ?

In the case foreign worker has been dismissed or encouraged to resign her job,  or terminated employment contract  ( in the case of contract worker  ), if she is looking for next job, her status of residence is still valid.

So, she can reside in Japan until end of current status of residence.

And if she submits certificate (  Her former employer states she has been dismissed or encourage to resign ) to immigration office and acquire permission to engage in activity other than activity that is permitted under the current status of residence, she can work as a part time worker.

( She can only work within 28 hours per a week. If her salary is 1000 yen per a hour, 1000 yen × 28 hours × 4 weeks = 112,000 yen will be hour monthly remuneration. “With this amount of income, she can not sustain her living in Japan, though. )

In the case she can not find next job by end of her current status of residence, if she continues to look for next job and apply to immigration office, she may be able to obtain a status of residence of temporary visitor ( duration of stay will be at maximum 90 days.).

And in the case, she obtains this status of residence of temporary visitor, her permission to engage in activity other than activity that is permitted under the current status of residence is still valid.

So, she can work as part time worker.

And if she has a spouse or a child in Japan ( they were dependents ), they need to change their status of residence into status of residence of temporary visitor.

🌸If you change job in Japan, you are required to notify the Immigration Bureau.

I assume that you have one of the following statuses of residence.

Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals 1, Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals 2 (高度専門職)


Engineering, Humanities, International Services(技術、人文知識・国際業務)

Nursing care(介護)


Technical skill(技能)

specific skills(特定技能)

And suppose you change jobs. You have been working as an interpreter for Company A, but now you are going to work as an interpreter for Company B.

There is no change in your status of residence. Therefore, you do not need to obtain a new status of residence.
( excluding Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals 1)

However, you need to make the necessary notification to the Immigration Bureau.

Otherwise, you may run into problems when renewing your status of residence.

🌻Not only when you change your employer, but also when the name of A company changes to Sakura company, you need to notify the immigration office.

You also need to submit a notification if A Co. changes its address.

You must file within 14 days of the change of employer.

To file via the Internet, you need to create an account on a government site, but that is probably time-consuming.

So you prefer to file the notification by mail.

You submit the notification form and a copy of your resident card to the Immigration Bureau.

The immigration office that received your documents will not inform you that they received your documents.

So you will send it by registered mail so that you can keep a record of having sent the documents.

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