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Change of status of resident in Japan

In the case, you ( foreign national ) are staying in Japan ( for example, student = ryugaku ) , if you wish to change your status of residence to other type of status of residence ( for example, dependent = kazoku taizai ), you need to know this process. . . . . Assume that you are student of vocational school ( Senmon gakko ) in Japan and want to marry foreign national ( Hereinafter referred to Tom ) who lives in Japan with some kind of status of residence. . . By the way, if you are engaging in part time job ( after you have obtained permit called “shikaku gai katsudou kyoka” ) under the status of residence of student, during long term vacation, you can work up to 40 hours per a week. . ( However, it will be up to 8 hours per a day. You also need to take at least one day office per a week.  ). .. . . On the other hand, in the case of status of residence of dependent, you can not work more than 28 hours per a week. . Becauce dependents do not have long term vacation. When you ( dependent ) have changed your employer, you need to new permit. . . . . Let’s get back on track. Tom should have one of valid status of residence in Japan. . . Even if Tom is living in Japan with status of residence of ” cultural activity ” or ” student “,  you may be able to change status of residence to his dependent”. . . However, your relationship with Tom should be spouse or child. . . And you should be dependent on him to live in Japan. . . Basically, Tom’s parents and brother can not obtain status of residence of dependent in Japan. . . When you submit official document is issued by Japanese government, the document should be issued within 3 months before application for this process. . . Necessary documents to apply for change of status of residence. . . 1  Application form for change of status of residence.  1 copy . . . . 2  Picture . . Size :  4cm × 3cm  1 copy . . The picture should be taken within 3 months before application, without hat, background, clear. . . Please fill your name in back of picture and paste it on application paper with glue. . . If your age is below 16, picture is not necessary. . . 3 Your passport and residence card ( zairyu card ) . . 4 Certificate that indicate personal relationship between you and Tom. . . 5  Scanned copy of Tom’s residence card and passport. . . 6  Documents that clarifies Tom’s job ( zaishoku shomei ) and the amount of income and resident tax ( kazei shomeisho and Nozai shomeisho for past 1 year ) . . . The documents should clarify content of Tom’s job. . . The documents should indicate Tom does not have any nonpayment of tax. . . 7  In the case, Tom does not have any business income or salaried income, . . a.  Document that clarifies balance money of Tom’s bank account. . . Or . Certificate of his scholarship that indicate amount of scholarship and duration. . . b.  Documents that clarify Tom can support your living in Japan without using social welfare. . . If immigration officer consider Tom can not support your life by himself, you may not be able to change of status of residence to ” dependent “. . . According to cases, you are required to submit additional documents. . . Basically, when you submit documents above, officer will not return original documents. . . If you wish to have them return original documents, you need to let them know in advance. . . In the case, you wish to change the content of your activity, for example you quit your school, you need to make application for change of status of residence without delay. . . If you have not engaged in current activity for 3 months or more, immigration can revoke your status of residence.

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