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How to extend short term visa in Japan?

The latest information and procedures on how to extend your short term visa in Japan

A short term visa is a type of visa that is required to enter Japan and is issued for activities such as tourism, recreation, sports, visiting relatives, sightseeing, attending courses or meetings, business contacts, and other similar activities.

A short term visa is one of the visas that you can apply for at Japanese embassies or consulates abroad. Foreigners who have a short term visa are not allowed to engage in activities such as work or permanent residence.

The period of stay for a short term visa is 90 days, 30 days, or 15 days or less.

The extension of a short term visa is not permitted in principle. This is because a short term visa is issued on the premise that you will return to your country and you are only allowed to do what you planned to do within the period of stay.

When applying for a short term visa, you need to submit documents that prove your date of return and purpose of stay. These documents are necessary for the Japanese government to manage the entry and stay of foreigners and maintain public order. Therefore, foreigners who have a short term visa must return to their country as planned in principle.

However, there is a possibility that you can extend your stay if you have “truly unavoidable humanitarian reasons or equivalent special circumstances”. Special circumstances are cases such as the following.

• You became ill or injured during your stay in Japan and need medical treatment in Japan

• A foreigner who came to Japan for childbirth assistance or care needs to take care of them for a while longer

• You were unable to return to your country due to a disaster or accident that occurred during your stay in Japan

You must prove these special circumstances objectively. It is important to obtain a medical certificate or other document that shows that your condition requires you to extend your stay.

If you can cope by returning to your country once and then re-entering Japan, you will not be granted an extension of your short term visa in principle.

You cannot extend your stay for reasons such as wanting to enjoy sightseeing for a while longer, having a lover and wanting to spend some time together, or not being able to complete the marriage procedures during your stay in Japan.

The procedure for extending your short term visa is as follows

• You can apply after half of your period of stay has elapsed

• The application destination is the regional immigration bureau that has jurisdiction over the address of the person who invited you

• The examination period is usually about two weeks

• There is no special period, so the result will be notified during the period of stay

• You may not be accepted if you apply at the last minute

The required documents to extend your short term visa in Japan

• Application form

• Passport … You can show original.

• Reply envelope

• Revenue stamp 4,000 yen … if the application is granted

• Certificate of residence of your guarantor

• Documents proving the ability to pay for living expenses … documents proving the income and tax situation of the applicant or guarantor

• Medical certificate … document proving objectively that you have no choice but to extend your stay due to illness

• Reason letter for having no choice but to extend your stay … details of how you came to Japan and what happened during your stay

• Ticket for the reserved flight home

This is the information on how to extend your short term visa in Japan. I hope it will be helpful.