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How to work as a Chef in Japan

How to work as a chef in Japan ?

In the case you (assumed you are not Japanese national nor spouse of Japanese national) want to work as a chef in Japan, you need to obtain skilled labor  visa (Gino visa = 技能ビザ).

You can not engage in unskilled labor in Japan with skilled visa.

So, you can not work as hall staff etc.

If you are an Indian and going to work in Indian restaurant, you need to satisfy several requirements.

Requirements to work as a Chef in Japan

You need to engage in cooking or manufacturing of food.

Content of your work should not be easy.

It should require several years ( ten years ) to master the technique.

Japanese government think making noodle will not require such high skill.

So the restaurant should provide full course menu of Indian meal.

The amount of salary to work as a chef in Japan

The amount of your salary should be equivalent to that of Japanese national.

If the amount of your salary is much cheaper than salary for Japanese national who engage in same job, you can not obtain skill worker visa.

Requirement for employer to work as a chef in Japan

Financial situation of your prospective employer should be good

If your prospective employer has not paid income tax or corporate tax, you can not obtain skilled worker visa.

So you can not work as a chef in Japan.

The restaurant should provide foreign menu.

In order to hire skilled worker who has work experience for ten years or more, scale of restaurant should be suitable one.

The number of seats for customers should be 30 or more and provide special menu, like full-course menu.

A part of necessary documents to obtain Skilled Visa

You need to prepare resume that can clarifies your former employers and work period.

Necessary months to obtain skilled labor visa to work as a chef in Japan

It will take 2 ~ 6 months.

So your prospective employer should have sufficient patience.

Recently many persons tries to obtain skilled visa with fake documents.

In the case of skilled visa (Necessary visa to work as a chef in Japan), bachelor degree is not necessary.

So basically you need to prove your work experience with resume.

And unfortunately some persons made fake resume and attached fake evidence.

Actually it is not so easy to prove your work experience with reliable evidence.

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