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How to work as a Chef in Japan ?

Skilled labor  visa (Gino visa = 技能ビザ) of Japan is necessary

 In the case you (assumed you are Indian) want to work as an Indian chef in Japan, you need to obtain skilled labor  visa (Gino visa = 技能ビザ).

 You can not engage in unskilled labor in Japan.

 So, you can not work as hall staff etc. in Indian restaurant.

 If you are Indian and going to work in Indian restaurant, you need to satisfy several requirements.

 Requirements to get Skilled labor visa (Chef visa) of Japan

 You need to engage in cooking or manufacturing of sophisticated food.

 Role of your work should not be easy.

  It should require several years ( ten years ) to master the technique.

 Japanese government think making noodle will not require such high skill.

 The amount of your salary should be equivalent to that of Japanese national.

 If the amount of your salary is much cheaper than salary for Japanese national who engage in same job, you can not obtain skilled worker visa.

 Financial situation of your prospective employer should be good

 If your prospective employer has not paid income tax or corporate tax, you can not obtain skilled worker visa.

The restaurant has enough sales amount to pay your salary.

 The restaurant should provide menu that is relating to your home country.

 In order to hire skilled worker, scale of restaurant should be suitable one.
 The number of seats should be 30 or more and provide special menu, like course menu.
Otherwise, the restaurant can not make sufficient sales to pay your salary.

 Necessary documents to obtain skilled labor visa (Chef visa)

 A part of necessary documents, You need to prepare resume that can clarifies your former employers and work period.

 Basically, you need to have work experience of ten years or more and you need to prove it by documents issued by 3rd party.

(If you work as an engineer, you need to have diploma of university or 10 years work experience➡ )

So, you will receive document from current and former employer.

 Even if you write on your resume that  “I have worked in a large hotel as Indian chef for ten years”, persons of immigration bureau will not trust it. 

In the case of Thailand restauant, it is five years. If you are a sport instructor, 3 years experience or participated in Olympics. 

Necessary months to obtain skilled labor visa

Once you have prepared necessary documents to obtain skilled labor visa (chef visa) of Japan, your employer can submit documents to immigratin bureau of Japan.

It will examine submitted documents and it will take 2 ~ 6 months.

Then it will issue COE (certificate of eligibility) and you can submit it to embassy of Japan of your home country.

Then, you can come to Japan and receive a resident card.

If you need any assists to obtain Gino visa of Japan, you can contact me at your convenient time.

If you plan to start your food shop, you do not need to obtain skilled labor visa.

But you can acquire status of residence of business manager (business manager visa=keiei kanri visa).

Then your business goes well, you can invite foreign workers to your restaurant.
(updated 6th,Decemebr,2019, face book)