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Making accounting Book by yourself

Making Chobo (Accounting book) in Japan by yourself

In the case you operate business in Japan, including real estate investment, you need to calculate taxable Income (Kazei shotoku) and report it to tax office in Japan.

When you calculate amount of taxable income, you need to make accounting books.

By reading through this page, you can learn how to make accounting book by using free software.

If you hope to know detailed information relating to necessary accounting books in Japan, you can see this page, too.

As for example of journal entry (Shiwake = 仕訳) in Japan, you can visit this page.

Introduction of cloud based accounting software

You can find this software (JDL IBEX 出納帳 Major) via internet and download.

You will receive this email to download softwareYou can prepare title of accounts

In the case you pay or receive money via bank account, firstly you can register your bank account in this software.

Now, you can fill in accounting book.

How to fill in Furikae Denpyo =振替伝票

Once you have made accounting book, you can find balance sheet (taishaku taisho hyo=貸借対照表), profit and loss statement (Son eki keisansho =損益計算書) etc.

Based on such financial documents, you can make tax filing paper.

If you are not good at Japanese language to make accounting book and need assistance, you can ask me.

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