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Tourist VISA of Japan

Tourist VISA of Japan

In the case you come to Japan from some countries (Non VISA Waiver Country), you need to acquire tourist visa of Japan in advance.

So in this page, I would like to explain necessary documents to acquire tourist visa of Japan.

1 Valid Passport

2 Visa application form for single entry visa.

Sample of application form of visa to Japan.

3    Your  picture.
( You need to paste your picture. Size of picture is 45 mm × 45 mm or 2 inch × 2 inch.)

4 Documents that can prove that you have reserved boarding of airplane.
( You can provide counterfoil of airplane ticket )

5 Documents to prove that you have enough asset to purchase round trip airplane ticket.
( You can submit tax declaration certificate, certificate of income tax. These documents should specify the amount of your taxable income. These documents should be issued by government.
Or balance certificate issued by bank. )

6  Documents that can prove your schedule of stay in Japan or travel itinerary.

You can submit counterfoil of hotel booking, flyers, brochures etc.

In the case you submit documents to authority of Japan, the documents should be issued within 3 months before application of visa. You cannot use old documents.

And authority can not return documents submitted to you after they have issued visa. So, it is better for you to make scanned copy.

Once Embassy or Consulate general of Japan has accepted your documents, they will inspect the content of documents and determines whether they can issue visa or not within a week.

But, depending on situation you need to wait for more than a week.

Once you have received tourist visa of Japan, valid period of visa is for 3 months.

By the way, as you know, you can not engage in Business activity with tourist visa of Japan.

If you hope to operate your business in Japan, you need to obtain Business Manager VISA of Japan.

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