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Starting a business and VISA in Japan

Starting a business and acquisition of visa of Japan

In the case you start a business in Japan, you need to obtain Status of residence of business manager and it is often called “Business Manager Visa”.

In the case you operate ( keiei = 経営 ) or manage ( kanri ) business ( excluding business that is included in status of residence of legal or tax accounting ) in Japan and hope to live in Japan, you need to obtain status of residence of business manager.

It is often called ” keiei kanri visa = 経営管理ビザ” or ” toushi keiei visa = 投資経営ビザ”.

Difference between visa and status of residence

In the case you  want to visit Japan, you can visit embassy of Japan or consulate general in your home country.

And when authority has inspected your passport etc, and there is not problem, you can paste visa ( sasho = 査証 ) on your passport.

After you have received visa, you can come to Japan and at airport, Immigration officer will inspect your visa and you can receive Resident card ( including status of residence of short term ) and land on Japan.

Once you have receive status of residence, your visa becomes used and only status of residence is valid.

However depending on some conditions, you do not need to obtain visa to come to Japan.

For example, you are from visa waiver country and you visit Japan for short term stay.

Or you have re-entry permit or special re-entry permit.

In order to obtain Business manager visa (Status of residence of business manager), you need to prove that your business in Japan will go well.  

However you do not have status of residence of business manager in Japan at the time you apply for COE of status of residence of Business manager r business.

So you can not start your business in Japan. 

In the case you come to Japan with short term visa, you can not engage in business activity. You can refer to this page. “Short term visa and Business activity in Japan

So you may think it is Catch 22 problem. 

Feasible option to starting a business in Japan and VISA

At first you will look for an employee in Japan and you will manage her as your employee. And she will start your business on your behalf. And you will manage your business remotely.

In this way, you can solve Catch 22 problem.

If you hope to obtain Business Manager Visa before you prepare office space, incorporation of company, investment of five million yen, you can refer to this page “How to apply for Start Up Visa of Japan” 

As for details, you can refer to this page.
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